March 27, 2007 12:40 ET

BodyLogicMD Opens Fifth Florida Location in Orlando, FL

Female OB/GYN Turned Hormone Therapy Specialist Joins National Network

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 27, 2007 -- Suzanne Somers' New York Times bestseller "Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormone Therapy" offers ways to feel better as you get older. Now Orlando residents can find a local doctor that provides these services.

BodyLogicMD, a group of anti-aging physicians specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy, fitness and nutrition welcomes Orlando-based Dr. Jennifer Landa to its national network.

As a former Ob/GYN who observed the roller coaster of menopausal symptoms of her patients, Landa brings a depth of traditional medicine integrated with modern day advancements. She specializes in preventive medicine and bioidentical hormone therapy and recently opened a BodyLogicMD practice in Maitland, Florida.

"After seven years of working with women as an ob-gyn, I am excited to transition and dedicate my practice into bioidentical hormone therapy -- a practice offering women and men unparalleled results in treating menopause, andropause (the male menopause) and other hormonal imbalances associated with aging," says Landa.

BodyLogicMD centers offer modern day advances of bioidentical hormones integrated with fitness and nutrition programs to aging women and men who suffer from the everyday symptoms caused by menopause and andropause.

Menopause symptoms

--  Irregular periods
--  Mood swings
--  Hot flashes
--  Vaginal dryness
--  Sleeplessness
--  Urinary incontinence
--  Dry skin
--  Depression
--  Rapid heart beat
--  Osteoporosis
--  Loss of libido
--  Hair loss
Andropause symptoms
--  Loss of energy
--  Loss of muscle mass
--  Increase in body fat
--  Loss of libido
--  Loss of mental focus
--  Anxiety and depression
--  Erectile Dysfunction
About Dr. Landa

As a gynecologist, Dr. Landa always desired to help patients achieve wellness through hormone balance and preventive medicine. She is now dedicating her full-time practice to using anti-aging medicine, nutrition, and fitness to help women and men resolve menopausal and andropausal symptoms, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction, declining energy levels and stress.

About BodyLogicMD

Founded in 2003, BodyLogicMD is a network of physician-owned practices specializing in natural bioidentical hormone therapy integrated with fitness and nutrition to men and women suffering from hormonal imbalance, menopause and andropause. Suzanne Somer's latest book Ageless, the naked truth about bioidentical hormones features BodyLogicMD as an expert source. For more information and to find the BodyLogicMD location nearest you visit

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