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December 16, 2008 11:45 ET

BodySound Introduces Meditation Technology for Millionaires

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - BodySound Technologies, Inc., today introduces Experiential™ seating with BodySound technology to help people develop deeper states of meditation so they can more easily derive the associated medical and psychological benefits.

Meditation is often taught using rule-based formats pertaining to posture, breathing, mental activity, and intention. People attempting to learn meditation often become frustrated and abandon the practice as their progress is slow and results are lacking. Deep relaxation, physically and emotionally, facilitates learning the mental and spiritual aspects of meditation more naturally.

"We believe that a deeply relaxed state provides a more stable base to operate from," says Dan Cohen, M.D. "It's a lot easier to let go of unwanted thoughts when you are deeply relaxed. Twelve years ago we began evaluating sound technology and its ability to induce deeper states of relaxation and meditation. Since there are no scientific tools to evaluate spirituality and higher states of consciousness, we relied on subjective reports from a small group of individuals during intensive training."

Experiential seating incorporates a seven-speaker surround sound system strategically coupled to the steel frame. This enables users to feel the finer vibrations of sound and music. The design and placement of the speakers and the sound conditioning algorithms produce a more energetically grounded state in the user. This state, coupled with hearing and feeling the sound throughout the body, induces profound relaxation leading to deeper states of meditation.

The technical development team included mechanical, electronic, software, and acoustic engineers to design the technology. The technology is designed into fine furniture so that it is experienced, but not seen. The seating can be configured as recliners, rows and curves of seats, love seats, and couches. The sound and the seating are one and the same. Users experience profound relaxation through patent pending, BodySound technology and ultra-comfortable, high-end seating. Any audio source may be used.

BodySound Technologies, Inc., based in Minneapolis, is the developer of BodySound technology for use in home theater, gaming, and relaxation chairs and seating. Experiential seating provides personal surround sound and a personal feeling environment for entertainment and to produce profound relaxation and deeper states of meditation.

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