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May 05, 2008 09:00 ET

Boiron Increases Product Sales by More Than 70 Percent With Brainshark

Delivering Product Knowledge Through On-Demand Presentations Leads to Revenue Impact

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2008) -

--  Brainshark ( today announced the world leader in
    homeopathy Boiron USA ( has successfully increased
    product sales by using Brainshark for on-demand product training.
--  Given the crowded market for homeopathic products, Boiron relies
    heavily on its retail channel partners to educate consumers and promote an
    overall awareness of homeopathic medicine. However, the company realized
    many retailers lacked the product knowledge to better explain the benefits
    of specific products to customers.
--  To quickly educate retailers, Boiron selected Brainshark to provide an
    easy to use, flexible on-demand solution that could also supply reporting
    metrics to measure success of the training program.
--  With Brainshark over 3,000 retail viewers were able to watch an
    overview of six to seven products in as little as 15 minutes, drastically
    increasing product knowledge and leading to a rapid increase in retail
    product sales.
--  Specifically, after only five months of making training available,
    retail stores that had viewed the on-demand training demonstrated a 72
    percent increase in sales of Boiron products.

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--  To view an example of Boiron's homeopathy training presentations
    please visit


"While there are many offerings available today for on-demand training, Brainshark was the only one that matched our business and technical needs. Brainshark is easy to use -- not only for us but for our viewing audiences -- ensuring our retailers can focus on the content they are viewing and not on the technology. We've been able to deliver more effective channel training and deliver tangible results to our bottom line."

Attributed to Christophe R. Merville, Pharmaceutical Development Manager, Boiron USA

"Making sure those involved in selling your product are knowledgeable and updated on recent developments seems like a basic principle, but actually finding the time and the means to do so effectively is much more complicated. The ability to deliver channel training programs on-demand ensures your partners are as well versed as you are, turning knowledge retention into increased sales and business revenue."

Attributed to Joe Gustafson, CEO and Founder, Brainshark, Inc.

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