February 26, 2009 05:00 ET

BoldCall Partners With JAJAH to Boost Click to Call Software

Online Merchants Realize Combination of Voice and Web Connectivity Is Superior to an 800 Number

WICHITA, KS and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - February 26, 2009) - Bravestorm, the developers of BoldCall, a leading click-to-call solution for retail websites, today announced a partnership with JAJAH, a global IP communications platform provider. The partnership will provide BoldCall's online retail customers with an enhanced online customer service interface, enabling visitors to their website to call a live customer service operator at the touch of a button. The phone call, which routes over the JAJAH IP network, is free to shoppers, and because it is VoIP, is very low cost to the retailer.

When a visitor to the website initiates a call, BoldCall will provide the customer service operator with a range of rich data about the caller, increasing their ability to better meet the needs of the potential customer and complete a sale. Click to call technology is simple to use and the buttons tend to appear alongside relevant website content, so click-to-callers tend to be better informed and ask more detailed questions than toll free callers, further increasing potential sales value.

"Bravestorm's and JAJAH's technologies naturally complement each other," said Steve Castro-Miller, CEO of Bravestorm. "Together we are helping Internet retailers improve their customer service and maximize potential revenues from each customer. JAJAH brings an extremely cost efficient way to connect shoppers directly with retailers, improving ROI for our customers."

Bravestorm chose JAJAH after considering a variety of communications providers. Bravestorm Vice President of Technology Jack Squires: "JAJAH is an easy-to-use technology product with a robust API, which sets them apart from other vendors we considered working with." Squires continued, "Other providers we looked at didn't support account creation, which is critical for us to offer a seamless experience to our customers."

Trevor Healy, CEO, JAJAH, commented, "We are delighted to partner with the makers of BoldCall to deliver state-of-the-art sales and support capabilities to online merchants. Our IP platform was designed to work efficiently and effectively in a variety of business situations, the technology is easy to integrate into existing online presences. The pairing of our IP capabilities with Bravestorm's click to call offering can only enhance the experience and results for both online retailers and shoppers."


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About Bravestorm and BoldCall

Bravestorm, makers of BoldCall, offers live communication software, including live chat (BoldChat), click to call and email management tools which enable businesses to take control over customer interactions and drive sales for businesses conducting sales and support online. Bravestorm's suite of offerings is designed with a flexible breadth of capabilities that allow clients to customize and manipulate the software to meet their specific needs. The company is headquartered in Wichita, KS, with customers around the world.

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