April 21, 2011 11:00 ET

BO.LT Launches First Page Sharing Service

Grab a Page on the Internet, Modify It and Share It Instantly

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 21, 2011) -

News Facts:

  • Introduced today, BO.LT is a revolutionary new service that allows anyone to instantly copy, edit and share virtually any web page, making it their own.
  • Like Videos, Photos and links, pages modified through BO.LT become "social objects." These pages are curated by the forwarder and influenced by their audience and context.
  • Bolted pages are modified to increase the likelihood that they will be "retweeted," "liked" and forwarded to reach new audiences.
  • By using BO.LT to serve all of their social content, marketers and individuals gain a new level of control. This control can be used to change linked-to content even after the links are sent, allowing marketers to quickly and easily create targeted communications.
  • BO.LT received $5 million in Series A funding from Benchmark Capital in 2010.

Why Page Sharing?

  • When people are involved with content, they have a vested interest in spreading it that goes far beyond posting a link. If we want to amplify the reach of content, we must involve its consumer.
  • Simple editing allows involvement without intense commitment.
  • Tweets, status updates and photos are quick and cheap, but insufficient for most communication. Web pages contain more content but require too long to create and cannot change quickly.
  • The social web has changed everything -- the volume of communication and the premium on contextually relevant, personal communication make the slow pace of site content change unsupportable.

How BO.LT Works:

  • Paste a link into BO.LT and the page is copied onto our high-speed delivery network.
  • The new copy is given a short URL that can be customized and renamed for simple sharing.
  • The user can use visual tools to replace images, delete areas of the page, and edit text on-screen. Edits are saved and immediately available worldwide.
  • The user or consumer can share the link to the newly modified copy on social networks.
  • Even once that link is shared, posted, or pasted, the content can be modified and tracked to enhance the user's understanding and allow mid-course correction.

Who is Using BO.LT?

  • Smart Destinations, House Plans and Second Porch all use BO.LT to instantly create more compelling web pages for customers:
    •, the largest online source for quality affordable house plans, uses BO.LT to help homeowners and professional builders find their ideal house from over 31,000 available plans.
    • Second Porch, an online vacation rental site that lists 4,000 properties in more than 100 countries is using BO.LT to quickly create new pages for different locations and to create mobile-targeted versions of key pages.
    • Smart Destinations is the premier provider of unlimited admission sightseeing passes in 15 major North American travel destinations from Oahu to New York City. Smart Destinations uses BO.LT to tune and deliver pages targeted to mobile access and to prepare and deliver daily deals.


Attributable to Matthew Roche -- co-founder and co-CEO, BO.LT
There are 700 million links shared every day on Facebook alone. Stale, un-engaging content gets lost. Allowing the reader of the page to recreate and mold the experience, we allow the page to become new, fresh, and relevant as it moves through social networks.

Attributable to Bruce Dunlevie -- General Partner, Benchmark Capital
Jamie and Matthew have a long history of innovation and vision. BO.LT is an extremely forward-thinking business and marketing tool, yet at the same time it appeals to people's basic need to create things. We expect it to change the way the world creates and shares content.

Attributable to Stephen Williamson -- CEO, House Plans and former CEO, Odwalla
We have a long list of ideas on how to make our content more interesting and more engaging. Using BO.LT, we can actively engage in tuning the presentation, and testing functionality that will improve the social reach of our pages.

Attributable to Brent Hieggelke -- CEO, Second Porch
The web is becoming a large collection of small audiences. We need to reach them with content that makes sense to them, not general pages. With BO.LT we can instantly create and share new pages that resonate for different types of consumers.

Attributable to Jamie Roche -- co-founder and CEO, BO.LT
BO.LT enables pages to do what even children do intuitively: alter what they say based on who they're talking to, what else is happening around them, and how the message is being received. In an environment where individuals and companies fight a war for attention, BO.LT provides new weapons: content control, real-time information and code-less changes to pages.

About BO.LT
BO.LT is a page sharing service that lets marketing professionals (and amateurs) instantly curate and spread content by copying, editing, and sharing. With BO.LT, you paste the address of a page on your site or blog, or any page on the web, embellish the page, and we will give you a new link to your page that is instantly shareable and available. Your pages become more engaging and compelling through the participation of the consumers of the content. Based in San Francisco and founded in 2010, BO.LT is backed by Benchmark Capital. For more information and to start bolting pages today, visit

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