Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Transportation

July 19, 2007 10:46 ET

Bombardier Successfully Concludes First Passive-Safety Crash Tests on Spacium 3.O6: Ile-De-France's Future Suburban Trains

The only COFRAC (ISO 17025) European laboratory that has obtained certification for crash tests - Bombardier's plant in the French Valenciennois region - asserts its expertise in the field of railway-vehicle passive-safety control.

CRESPIN, FRANCE--(Marketwire - July 19, 2007) - Bombardier Transportation today ran a series of crash tests to clear the passive-safety features on its Spacium 3.O6. These tests took place in its plant in Crespin, in the French Valenciennois region. Bombardier engineered these systems to SNCF specifications and latest European standards, to protect passengers and crews in the event of a head-on collision. It analyzes and processes client-defined accident scenarios using computer-generated simulations that will be validated by the results of the crash tests.

The crash tests in Crespin today involved real-life situations. Engineers mounted four energy absorbers onto a coupler on a Spacium 3.O6 cab fitted onto the crash-test wall. A 103-ton wagon impacted the cab at 32 km/h (equivalent to a front of hit a 2 Spacium 3.O6) unleashing an average of 380 t of pressure and 3,300 K joules of energy. Energy absorbers avoid one car body lapping over the other.

These tests are an important phase in the design development process of the Spacium 3.O6, which will start entering service in the Ile-de-France region, from the end of 2009.

Passive safety encompasses all the features built into vehicle design to limit the passenger's physiological consequences of an accident that could not have been avoided - as opposed to active safety, which involves avoiding accidents.

Passive safety in the railway field involves curbing brutal deceleration and its impact on passengers. It primarily encompasses structural deformation patterns engineered to absorb as much energy as possible while keeping driver and passenger compartments intact.

Commenting the crash tests, Jean Berge, Chief Country Representative France, Bombardier Transportation, said: "The Crespin site in France has ample experience with crash tests. It built its first test ramp in 1975, upgraded its test facilities in 2002, earned first COFRAC accreditation in 2005, and has grown into a unique R&D lab in Europe.

Earlier this month, the lab secured two new COFRAC certifications - for bogie fatigue and for static railway-vehicle tests -, confirming Bombardier's expertise in the field of passive-safety R&D and control."

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Bombardier Transportation in France operates primarily at its Crespin facility in the Valenciennes region, employs 1,600 people and is the leading French manufacturing site in the railway industry. In the French market, Bombardier Transportation participates in all TGV programs and manufactures a wide range of rolling stock for public transport. Among these products are the MF 2000 vehicles for the Paris metro, the Marseilles, Nantes and Strasbourg trams, the recent vehicles for the RER network, the TER2N NG regional transport railcars, the commuter trains to be used on the suburban network of Ile-de-France and the AGC trains (Autorail Grande Capacite), which 21 French regions have ordered to date. Bombardier is recognized as a global partner of the transport authorities in France.

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Bombardier Transportation has its global headquarters in Berlin, Germany with a presence in over 60 countries. It has an installed base of over 100,000 vehicles worldwide. The Group offers the broadest product portfolio and is recognized as the leader in the global rail sector.

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