SOURCE: Book of Odds Enterprises, Inc

Book of Odds Enterprises, Inc

October 14, 2009 08:30 ET

Book of Odds Launches New Web Reference for the Odds of Everyday Life

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - October 14, 2009) -


-- Today marks the launch of Book of Odds (, a Boston-based startup offering something never before available: a free, accurate, and easy-to-use resource for comparing the risks and uncertainties of daily life.

-- Book of Odds is a reference source for probability that strives to answer the timeless question, "What are the odds of that?"

-- Book of Odds' mission is to provide an unbiased tool for understanding risk. The Company believes that, if given a simple and consistent reference, people can learn to calibrate probability in much the same way they calibrate price or temperature.

-- Over the course of three years, Book of Odds has developed and continues to develop a rich semantic database of statements of probability, called "Odds Statements." Odds Statements are short, concise sentences of the type: "The odds a person will be struck by lightning in a year are 1 in 835,500 (US, 1995-2007)."

-- To date, Book of Odds research has produced several hundred thousand Odds Statements, covering topics such as:

- Health & Illness

- Accidents & Death

- Life & Activities

- Relationships & Society

-- Book of Odds uses over 1,000 independent sources of vetted data and has required more than 50 staff-years of research and development. Its research is rigorous and of academic caliber.

-- Along with Odds Statements, Book of Odds produces a unique brand of editorial content and analysis that is engaging and updated daily. Book of Odds' content is both highly educational and relevant to the everyday lives of millions.


-- "Book of Odds began with a simple question: Why are we able to get
   information about so many subjects so easily, yet not about the most
   vital and interesting subject -- the probabilities of everyday life?
   Answering this question became our mission and the business idea that
   followed allows us to help others better understand the world around
   them and make more informed decisions. We are excited to launch this
   resource and look forward to watching how the community will use this
   information in their lives."
   -- Amram Shapiro, President and Founder, Book of Odds

-- "I was intrigued when Amram Shapiro approached me about joining him to
   bring Book of Odds to life. The concept clearly filled an unmet need.
   But we needed to design something that would achieve the mission,
   appeal to a broad audience, and become a sustainable business. Book of
   Odds is an exciting venture; we are creating something that will
   -- Louise Firth Campbell, Chief Operating Officer, Book of Odds


Book of Odds is the world's first provider of fun, accurate, and easy-to-use information on the odds of everyday life. Its mission is to help users better understand the world around them and make informed decisions in the face of uncertainty. From the risk of being diagnosed with cancer to the thrill of parenthood, Book of Odds covers the topics people care about most and provides information relevant to the decisions they make every day.

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