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January 06, 2011 08:00 ET

Boomerang Announces Its Top 10 Vehicle Theft Recoveries of 2010

Proven Boomerang System Helps Law Enforcement Recover Stolen Vehicles and Gets Criminals off the Streets

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jan. 6, 2011) - Boomerang Tracking, Canada's leader in stolen vehicle recovery, today reveals its top 10 recovery stories of 2010 for vehicles, trucks and commercial equipment installed with a Boomerang recovery device. From recovering an RV in a plane hangar, to helping local law enforcement arrest thieves who stole a rental car with a false identification and a stolen credit card, to helping a client recover his car after a thief broke into his home and stole the keys, these stories demonstrate how Boomerang Tracking continues to be the most effective system today for stolen vehicle recovery.

The following are highlights of Boomerang Tracking's top stolen vehicle recoveries from 2010:

A car with 140,000 km stolen three times – The owner of a 2003 Mazda Protégé had his vehicle stolen two times and it was not equipped with an antitheft system. Needless to say he made the right choice by protecting it with a Boomerang recovery device, since it was stolen for the third time shortly afterwards even though it has more than 140,000 km on its odometer! Boomerang was able to quickly recover it and return it to its owner who was pleased to get it back for the third time, but this time, without worries thanks to Boomerang.

7,000th stolen vehicle recovered while owner was camping in the woods – As the owner of a 1998 Acura Integra, one of the most stolen cars according to the IBC, was sleeping in his tent while camping in Ontario, Boomerang Security Central woke him up at 5:30 AM after receiving an alarm from the automatic theft notification of his Boomerang device. Upon confirmation of the theft, the Boomerang tracking team recovered the vehicle in less than one hour in Montreal, without any damage and advised local law enforcement. They proceeded with the arrest of four thieves at the scene.

An RV's season saved thanks to Boomerang –The owner of a 2010 Allegro Bay, evaluated at $150,000, was very pleased to have recovered his recreational vehicle after it had been stolen from the dealership where it was being repaired. The thief broke the dealer's fence and stole the RV with the keys. A tracking team was dispatched and received a signal from a plane hangar located 50km from where the vehicle was reported stolen. The local police arrived on the scene with a search warrant and recovered the RV.

A thief impersonating an honest client – The owner of a rental company reported the theft of his 2010 Cadillac CTS from its airport location in Ottawa after realizing that it had been rented with a false identification and a stolen credit card. The Cadillac was quickly located in Montreal and the thieves were apprehended on the highway. Three arrests were made on the scene and the vehicle was returned to the rental company.

Home invaders behind bars – A client called Boomerang Tracking after realizing that a thief broke into his home and stole his 2010 Land Rover Range Rover's keys for a quick getaway. Thanks to the collaboration of the Boomerang Tracking team and the local police the vehicle was recovered without any damages in a short period of time in Toronto.

A thief rent a car by carjacking the driver – The owner of a car rental company contacted Boomerang to report the theft of a 2010 GMC Yukon XL after it had been carjacked in the middle of a street in British Columbia. The tracking team recovered the car which was parked in an underground parking lot. Needless to say that the owner was very happy to recover his vehicle and to hear that his client was safe and sound.

Two recoveries for the price of one – A 2009 Toyota RAV4 was reported stolen from a university parking lot while its owner was studying. The Boomerang tracking team not only recovered the car in a short period of time in an isolated parking lot, but also found a stolen 2009 Toyota Venza equipped with a popular antitheft marking system. Needless to say, both owners were very pleased that Boomerang had recovered their vehicles.

Thieves stop at a Motel and end up in jail – A 2003 Sterling LT9500 was reported stolen from the client's business parking lot. A Boomerang Tracking team was quickly dispatched and located the stolen truck in a Motel parking lot while the thief drove off with the truck followed by two other vehicles. All three vehicles were intercepted by the local police on the highway and the thieves were all arrested.

A vehicle quickly recovered thanks to the best solution – An automatic theft notification received by Boomerang Security Central resulted in a fast recovery of a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The car was stolen from the driveway of the client's residence. Although the vehicle was also equipped with another theft prevention system, it is thanks to the collaboration of the Boomerang Tracking team and the local police that it was quickly recovered less than 10 km away from the client's residence.

Heavy equipment recovered on a stolen truck – The owner of a 2006 Komatsu contacted Boomerang Security Central after noticing that his machinery was missing from a construction site. The Boomerang team later received a signal located inside a company yard and discovered that the equipment was on a truck which was also stolen. The estimated total value of the recovery was over $100,000.

"These stories demonstrate why Boomerang Tracking is the Canada's leader in recovering valuable mobile assets," said Michael Lendick, Boomerang Tracking's National Security Director and Law Enforcement Liaison. "Time after time, our System delivers on its promise of helping law enforcement find and recover stolen vehicles in a timely fashion and get the criminals – many of them professionals – off the streets. With thieves being persistent and using constantly new methods to steal any cars, it is essential that consumers take a proactive role in protecting themselves. We strongly believe that the more layers of protection a driver uses, the safer their vehicle will be."

To date, Boomerang Tracking devices have aided in the recovery of more than 7,030 vehicles and other assets with an approximate value of more than $345 million. It has also led police to conduct over 500 arrests for the past 5 years.

Learning About Vehicle Protection

To help people learn about protecting their vehicles from theft, Boomerang Tracking has published a booklet for consumers entitled "Keeping Track." The booklet is a guide that reviews the issue of vehicle theft in Canada and describes four steps consumers can take to protect their vehicles against theft. A free electronic version and links to our Youtube channel and Twitter page are available on Boomerang Knowledge's Center at

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Founded in 1995, Boomerang Tracking Inc. has quickly become a technological leader in tracking stolen property and offers a seamless solution to the ever-growing concern for the protection and recovery of stolen vehicles and other valuable assets in Canada. As a result of its success, the Company has received the endorsement of members of the insurance industry. The Company's head office, research and development center and manufacturing facilities are located in Montreal, Quebec. In 2004, Boomerang became a wholly-owned subsidiary of LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ:LOJN), the company that invented the stolen vehicle recovery market two decades ago and who remains the undisputed global leader in tracking and recovering valuable mobile assets. Today, Boomerang Tracking markets both the LoJack and Boomerang brand stolen vehicle recovery systems in Canada. LoJack is a registered trademark of LoJack Corporation and is used by Boomerang Tracking under license.

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