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February 22, 2008 12:19 ET

Boosting Your Body's Detoxification System Against Environmental Toxins Could Prevent Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Mark Hyman of UltraWellness Explains the Main Causes of Autoimmune Disease

LENOX, MA--(Marketwire - February 22, 2008) - Autoimmune diseases affect 24 million Americans, but conventional medicine has done very little to treat these diseases which occur when something confuses the immune system, and it attacks its own tissues.

Increasingly, what is confusing the immune system most appears to be the enormous load of environmental toxins and allergens to which we are all exposed. A recent government survey found an average of 148 chemicals in our bodies. And this doesn't even include the toxins found in our foods and in cleaning agents or pest control products typically found in the home.

Donna Jackson Nakazawa's new book, "The Autoimmune Epidemic," finds that environmental toxins may be the largest cause of autoimmune diseases. "There is no doubt that autoimmune diseases are on the rise and our increasing environmental exposure to toxins and chemicals is fueling the risk. The research is sound. The conclusions, unassailable," said Dr. Douglas Kerr, M.D., Ph.D. in his foreword to "The Autoimmune Epidemic."

"Conventional treatments don't take environmental toxins into account when treating autoimmune conditions, instead they shut down the immune response with medications including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil and Aleve, steroids like prednisone, anti-cancer drugs like Methotrexate, and new drugs like Enbrel and Remicade," said Mark Hyman, M.D. of UltraWellness.

"These new drugs block the effects of TNF alpha (a powerful inflammatory molecule) and shut down your immune system, increasing your risk of cancer and life-threatening infections," said Hyman. "They may be lifesaving for some in the short run, but they have frequent, serious side effects, giving only partial relief and doing NOTHING to deal with the causes."

"I have successfully treated hundreds of patients with autoimmune diseases," said Hyman. "For each one, I use the roadmap of Functional Medicine and UltraWellness to find any underlying causes -- toxins, allergens, infections, poor diet, and stress -- and start detoxification of the causes while adding back what the body needs to function optimally, like whole, clean food, nutrients, exercise, stress management, clean water, and oxygen, community, connection, and meaning."

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