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November 14, 2005 09:01 ET

BorderWare Ups the Ante on Email Threat Prevention and Compliance Solutions with MXtreme 6.0

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - Nov 14, 2005) -

New Release Introduces MXtreme Intercept and MXtreme Privacy and Compliance Engines to Protect both Inbound and Outbound Messaging Traffic

BorderWare Technologies, Inc. today announced MXtreme™ Mail Firewall version 6.0. This new version of MXtreme combines next-generation threat prevention with a privacy and compliance solution enhancing its ability to prevent threats, control information and manage email. Key advancements in 6.0 include MXtreme Intercept™ Engine, MXtreme Privacy and Compliance Engine, integrated email encryption, integration with F5 BIG-IP® and Cisco IOS devices and enhanced on-demand scalability and resilience capabilities.

"MXtreme 6.0 is a major step forward for organizations that are frustrated with stand-alone email security products that do not proactively block unwanted email before it impacts network resources," said Tim Leisman, CEO of BorderWare. "In addition, many organizations have to sacrifice usability for the sake of privacy and compliance. MXtreme 6.0 addresses these issues with proactive threat prevention and a powerful privacy and compliance engine that is unprecedented."

MXtreme Intercept Engine Provides Market Leading Proactive, Real-time Threat Prevention

The new MXtreme Intercept Engine takes an innovative approach to blocking more than 90% of unwanted inbound email, including spam, viruses, denial-of-service, directory harvesting, phishing and flooding attacks at the email boundary, before they enter the network. By making real-time decisions based not only on sender reputation but also on message content and email client behavior, the MXtreme Intercept Engine provides a new level of precision and performance for threat detection. In addition, MXtreme Intercept works in tandem with the BorderWare Security Network, which proactively gathers data globally from more than 8,000 BorderWare products deployed worldwide to identify malicious senders and block threats across multiple attack vectors, in real-time. By combining local and global threat data, customers benefit from dynamic real-time threat prevention, increased performance, improved quality-of-service (QoS) and lower operational costs.

MXtreme 6.0 can also block attacks and unwanted email at the network edge via policy integration with F5 BIG-IP and Cisco IOS devices located at the perimeter of the network. As opposed to requiring a separate "edge" device, this new integration further reduces inbound email, increases network bandwidth, reduces risk and enhances service levels without requiring additional hardware. Recognizing the benefits perimeter protection provides customers, F5 awarded BorderWare the First Prize in its iRules partner and customer award contest announced last month.

"We are continually experiencing a growing amount of inbound email traffic and we are thrilled that MXtreme 6.0 has gone a step further in providing the most sophisticated, threat prevention that serves as a first line of defense to reduce our overall email volume and threats," said Dave Braucht, systems engineer at Resource Computing. "With MXtreme 6.0 we have increased our bandwidth, improved customer service levels and reduced the operating costs of our email system."

Control Outbound Content with MXtreme Privacy and Compliance Engine and Integrated Encryption

In order to comply with current regulations including HIPAA, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Sarbanes-Oxley, organizations must take steps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of confidential information - including email communications. The new MXtreme Privacy and Compliance Engine provides unprecedented granular content management integrated with secure content delivery to ensure information is secure and meets regulatory requirements.

The MXtreme Privacy and Compliance Engine combines granular content filtering, detection of regulated content and pre-defined, customizable compliance dictionaries to identify content that must be secured. Messages are then processed based on pre-defined policies typically using encryption. In addition to default TLS/SSL connections, MXtreme 6.0 uses industry standard S/MIME and PGP integrated with third party encryption engines from PostX and PGP. Once delivered, MXtreme provides accurate and timely audit and reporting of outbound information including several regulatory-specific reports to ease the burden of demonstrating compliance.

Centralized Management and Optimization of the Email Infrastructure

BorderWare has always focused on ensuring the availability, resilience, and QoS that end users demand from the email infrastructure by reducing administrative overhead, maximizing usability and performance while providing visibility and access to email company-wide. MXtreme 6.0 management enhancements include centralized content management, on-demand scalability, message-level redundancy and centralized monitoring and reporting, extending the company's technology lead.

The new detailed policy controls in MXtreme 6.0 allow organizations to centrally manage and enforce corporate email policies based on any part of a mail message including attachments. By combining this management with detailed audit and reporting capabilities, organizations can monitor email activity, proactively pinpoint policy violations quickly and make it easy to find email messages when required, directly within the MXtreme interface.

As email traffic continues to grow exponentially, enterprises and service providers must be able to respond immediately with additional processing power to increase throughput and maintain superior service levels. MXtreme 6.0 is the only email security solution providing "on-demand" clustering technology that can scale to support upwards of 10 million messages per hour allowing organizations to quickly add systems in minutes. This dynamic clustering technology dramatically reduces the time and effort administrators must spend configuring and maintaining systems and can scale infinitely to address current and future demand.

Pricing and Availability

MXtreme is sold as a hardened appliance with four models to meet every customer's requirements. Pricing for the base MXtreme product starts at USD $4,750. Solution bundles are available for an email security solution and a privacy and compliance solution. Additional modules can be purchased to address specific business requirements including the F5/Cisco connector, encryption module, on-demand clustering and message-level redundancy. MXtreme 6.0 will be generally available within 15 days.

About MXtreme

MXtreme Mail Firewall is a comprehensive email security, privacy and compliance solution that enables organizations to prevent inbound threats, control outbound content and centrally manage the email infrastructure. Built on BorderWare's hardened S-Core™ operating system, MXtreme is the only highly available email security system with message-level redundancy and on-demand clustering capability.

About BorderWare

BorderWare Technologies makes Internet communications safe. The company's perimeter and "application-specific" firewalls for email and SIP enable customers to prevent threats, control corporate and confidential information and centrally manage IP communications. Founded in 1994, BorderWare has developed partnerships and affiliations with some of the industry's most prominent companies including Cisco Systems, F5 Networks, Kaspersky Labs, PGP, PostX, Research In Motion (RIM), RSA Security, Sun Microsystems and Symantec. More than 8,000 customers in 65 countries have selected BorderWare's solutions for their superior security, scalability, business continuity and lower total cost-of-ownership. For more information visit or call 1-877-814-7900.

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