July 07, 2010 13:13 ET

Bosch VitaFresh Technology Tackles Crisper Drawer Confusion

New Bosch French Door Refrigerator Automatically Controls the Crisper Drawer

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - July 7, 2010) -  A recent survey of 300 families conducted by Bosch home appliances found that Americans suffer from crisper drawer confusion -- not knowing if they need to set the humidity setting high or low to keep their fruits and vegetables fresh.¹ Not properly using crisper drawers can lead to produce spoiling faster than it should. As a result, consumers may purchase less fresh produce because they are weary of throwing away their hard earned cash.

While crisper drawer settings regulate the humidity and temperature needed to keep produce fresh, more than half (55%) of people admit to not knowing how to use their crisper drawer controls. With 10% of respondents unaware if their crisper drawers even have controls on them, 40% have never changed the settings on their crisper drawer, no matter what type of produce they store in it.

Adding to the problem is how people store their fruits and vegetables. Almost half the respondents (42%) combine their fruits and vegetables together in the crisper drawer, even though vegetables generally require a more humid environment and should be stored separately. In addition, nearly one third (32%) of respondents are suffocating their produce by keeping it in plastic bags or the original store packaging. By not being able to breathe, fruits and vegetables quickly become a murky sludge of decomposing food. 

As a result, 95% of respondents limit the amount of fresh produce they purchase because they don't want to throw away moldy, smelly, produce and their money. When asked if there was a foolproof way to keep produce from quickly spoiling, the clear majority of respondents (79%) stated they would purchase more fresh produce when shopping.

"While we all have stared longingly at the refrigerator hoping the food we want will magically appear, our survey shows that many of us are also staring at the crisper drawers wondering what is the perfect settings for those delicious fruits and vegetables," says John Farley, Senior Bosch Brand & Trade Marketing Manager. "Bosch is taking the guesswork out of crisper drawer settings by introducing our new refrigerator with VitaFresh technology that automatically keeps keep fruits and vegetables fresher, longer."

VitaFresh is a Bosch exclusive refrigeration technology that takes the guess work out of food storage and automatically maintains the precise temperature and humidity level -- no need to fidget and adjust confusing crisper drawer settings. The recently launched ENERGY STAR®-qualified Bosch French Door refrigerator featuring VitaFresh technology is available with a MSRP of $2,999. For more information on VitaFresh please visit

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¹ Survey conducted by Persuadable Research Corporation of 300 families, June 2010

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