October 17, 2012 09:05 ET

Boston First US City to Get Hailo, the World's Fastest-Growing Taxi App

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Oct 17, 2012) - After taking London, Dublin and Toronto by storm, Boston has beaten all-comers to become the first city in the USA to get Hailo -- the world's fastest-growing and largest app-based taxi service -- and thus the first US city to declare freedom from the tyranny of waiting on a rain-soaked corner for a cab.

Those in New York are welcome to wave their arms in the air, but Boston is leading once again by embracing the natural evolution of the hail.

Hailo was founded in 2011 by three London taxi drivers and three internet entrepreneurs who set out to bring a centuries-old industry into the 21st century. Hailo makes sure people are never more than two taps of a smartphone away from a licensed taxi and that cabbies get more passengers when they want them.

"We're already the number-one taxi service in London and Dublin, and we quickly became the second-largest in Toronto within days of launch. We are therefore excited at the prospect of Boston being the very first city in the United States to get Hailo," said Boston native Ron Zeghibe, Chairman and a Founder of Hailo. "The support we've received from the City of Boston and from the local taxi community has been very gratifying, and we're looking forward to transforming the taxi experience for the citizens of Boston."

"I am excited to see Hailo do well in the City of Boston and see this launch as yet another way to move Boston forward in a new, positive and more efficient direction," said President of the Boston City Council Stephen J. Murphy. "This makes the overall Boston transportation experience more enjoyable for everyone -- residents and visitors are better able to get a taxi when they need it, and taxi drivers make their days more efficient and profitable."

Hailo promises to streamline the taxi experience for Bostonian passengers in three ways:

  • Hail in two taps. With Hailo you can hail a taxi from across Boston and watch it arrive in real time.
  • Convenient and safe. No more wandering the streets looking for a taxi. Hailo uses only licensed Boston taxi drivers and provides every customer with the driver's photo, first name and rating before he or she arrives to pick you up.
  • Effortless payment. Hailo's integrated smartphone payment system means customers simply hop out of the cab at the end of a ride without having to hand over a credit card or have cash on hand. A receipt is emailed immediately.

"City dwellers are always looking for ways to ease their travel burdens," said Vanessa Kafka, General Manager of Hailo Boston. "Now, Bostonians are the first to be able to quickly and easily hail a cab from the comfort of their home, office, dorm room or restaurant -- never once having to step outside in the cold, rain or snow until they see on their smartphone that their taxi has arrived."

For taxi drivers in Boston, Hailo means three things:

  • Earn more money. By helping drivers work smarter instead of harder, Hailo means drivers have passengers in their cabs more of the time.
  • Eliminate fare skipping. Because payment is pre-authorized, the driver is guaranteed his payment.
  • Enjoy the work more. Hailo provides drivers with social tools to connect to fellow drivers and share information on traffic conditions and areas of high passenger demand.

"I am a cab driver, and Hailo was started by people like me," said Abdellah Habbach, one of Hailo's driver partners and a Boston taxi driver for the last 25 years. "Hailo helps me earn more money and fill my backseat with more passengers. The traffic and crowd data also helps me work smarter."

To date, Hailo has raised $20 million from an all-star cast of investors, including Accel Partners, Wellington Partners, and Atomico. Together, they've funded Facebook and Spotify, founded Skype and brought many companies to life all over the world. Hailo can be downloaded for free from the App Store on iPhone and Google Play for Android devices. For local Hailo news, follow @HailoBoston on Twitter or via Facebook.

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