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November 21, 2011 02:00 ET

Bottom of the Class-Teachers Score Least in Smart Work Wear Poll

1 in 5 Teachers Admit to Wearing Same Shirt for 3 Days

Estate Agents Voted Smartest Dressers

66% Vote Supermarket Uniforms Least Sexy

LANCASTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2011) - A new report into the standards of Brits work wear reveals that teachers must try harder to impress with their standards of dress in school.

The study of 2,000* Brits was commissioned by big and tall fashion retailer High and Mighty in a bid to look into the effects of the recession on Brits' attitude to looking their best.

The report reveals that on the whole, Brits are upping their game when it comes to dressing smart for work, one in five are making the extra effort hoping their bosses will take note when it comes to promotion time.

One in three Brits admitted to investing an extra £163 than they would normally spend a year since 2008 in their work wardrobe.

A new suit (59%), smart jacket/blazer (41%), new trousers/skirt (38%), smarter shirt/blouse (22%) and matching coloured socks and ties (9%) voted the most popular new items purchased.

Gill Politis from High and Mighty said, "When times get tough, we see a real increase in customers investing in smart and formal wear for work as a way of setting themselves apart from the competition. This year alone we have seen a 47% increase in sales suits."

However out of all the professions polled, it is teachers who come out as worst dressed. 50% of all the Brits polled voted teachers as bottom of the class claiming dirty shirts, threadbare trousers and scuffed shoes as the worst offenders, whereas smooth talking estate agents were revealed as the smartest dressers.

So offended by their children's teachers lack of pride in their appearance, 11% of parents admitted that they had complained to the headmaster of the school.

Teachers themselves admit to letting standards slip with 20% admitting to wearing the same shirt for up to three days, whereas 20% of super smart bankers admit to changing their shirt twice a day.

Gill Politis continued: "There are certain professions in which the public expect high levels of smartness and teaching, it seems, is one of those professions. Teachers are seen as role models for children and as such parents seem to feel that they should be setting a smart example when it comes to dressing for work."

Despite being scruffy, Brits still voted teachers as being a bit of alright with 31% of Brits admitting they found teachers sexy whereas at the other end of the spectrum supermarket workers were voted as having the least sexy outfit for work.

The best and the worst dressers in full:

Best Worst
Estate Agents (42%) Teachers (50%)
Legal professionals (39%) Kids TV presenters (32%)
Bankers (32%) Post men/women (25%)
News readers (21%) Bin men (18%)
Flight attendants (15%) Builders (11%)

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Notes to editors:

*Poll of 2,000 Brits between 3rd and 5th October 2011.

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