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February 14, 2012 04:14 ET

BotTrading Company Dragon Holdings AG Announces its Intentions to Seek a Dual Listing

BotTrading Company Dragon Holdings AG Announces its Intentions to Seek a Dual Listing

(Munich,  14/02/2012) Dragon Holdings AG (WKN: A1CTDS), is pleased to announce its intention  to  seek  a  Dual
Listing in the United States.

The  Board  of  the  Company is undertaking a review to evaluate the benefit to shareholders of  an  additional
listing of the Company in the United States.

This  review  is  being  undertaken as the Directors believe that given the liquid market  for  private  equity
investment  companies in the United States, the large number of market participants and the  high  coverage  by
analysts  and  brokers in the United States, an additional listing may be expected, amongst  other  things,  to
provide increased liquidity in the shares.

No decision to proceed with a dual listing has been made at this juncture
and further notices will be issued when the review is completed.

Dragon  Holdings  AG  operates  as  a holding company with headquarters in Munich.  The  Company,  through  its
subsidiaries,  handles various business activities related to BotTrading Technology, which is used  to  execute
buy and sell trade operations automatically on worldwide futures exchanges, without human intervention.

Dragon Holdings AG, through its subsidiaries, markets trading platforms throughout South East Asia, Middle East
and  India.  These  platforms  use  mathematical algorithms, GAPG and risk management  software  to  trade  the
commodity markets.

This  Release  includes forward-looking statements that are subject to risk and Uncertainties, including  those
pertaining  to the anticipated benefits to the realized from the proposals described herein, this  presentation
contains  a  number  of forward looking statements including, in particular, statements, about  future  events,
future  financial  performance, plans, strategies, expectations, prospects, competitive environment  regulation
and supply & demand. Dragon Holdings AG has based these forward looking statements on its views with respect to
future  events  &  financial Performance, actual financial performance of the entities described  herein  could
differ  materially  from  the projected in the forward looking statements due to the  inherent  uncertainty  of
estimates,  forecast  and projections, & financial performance may be better or worse than  anticipated.  Given
these uncertainties, readers should not put undue reliance on any forward looking statements.

Forward  looking  statements represent estimates & assumptions only as of the date that  they  were  made.  The
information  contained in this presentation is subject to change without notice & Dragon Holdings AG  does  not
undertake any duty to update the forward Looking  statements,  &  the estimates & assumptions associated with 
them, except to  the  extent  required  by applicable laws & regulations

For more information, please visit our company website: www.dragonholdings.net

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