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December 08, 2011 04:38 ET

BotTrading Company Dragon Holdings AG Net Profit Jumps 300% in 3rd Quarter ending 30th September 2011

BotTrading Company Dragon Holdings AG Net Profit Jumps 300% in 3rd Quarter ending 30th September 2011

(Munich - 08/12/2011) Dragon Holdings AG (WKN: A1CTDS), is pleased to announce its results for the 3rd
quarter 2011 (1st July 2011 - 30th September 2011).

The revenue of Dragon Holdings AG for the 3rd quarter 2011, when consolidated with its subsidiaries as
per  IFRS, was Euro 11,557,590 with EBT (Earnings before Tax) of Euro 3,140,381. This brings the total
revenue for the nine months to Euro 25,168,528 with EBT of Euro 4,187,473.

Dragon Holdings AG is a holding company and all the profits were earned by its subsidiaries. The  post
tax net profit for the nine months is therefore Euro 4,187,473.

The  total assets of Dragon Holdings AG as of 30th September 2011 were Euro 27,640,768 with an  equity
ratio of 39%

Following a successful launch in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the company is now looking to expand  sales  of
its BotTrading products to institutional markets in China. The Algorithms used have proven over a long
period  of time that they are positively hedged to volatility, thus giving additional positive returns
in times of market chaos.

Management continues to expect a volatile market environment in the full year 2011.

Continuing insecurities in the Eurozone, combined with worries about the overall global economy, still
make  it  impossible  to  prepare a precise earnings forecast for the  current  fiscal  year.  However
volatility has always benefitted Algorithmic trading programmes. The Management of Dragon Holdings  AG
has positioned the Company in a number of promising investments, which it closely monitors and adjusts
as and if necessary.

"The  company's third quarter results demonstrate our continuing growth in performance", said  Michael
Hughes,  CEO.  "As  anticipated,  our  Q3 sales revenues were strong  and  in-line  with  our  earlier
predictions. The acquisitions of last year are showing positive results and the company will  continue
its quest for further acquisitions."

Dragon Holdings AG operates as a holding company with headquarters in Munich. The Company, through its
subsidiaries, handles various business activities related to BotTrading Technology, which is  used  to
execute  buy  and  sell trade operations automatically on worldwide futures exchanges,  without  human

Dragon  Holdings AG, through its subsidiaries, markets trading platforms throughout South  East  Asia,
Middle  East and India. These platforms use mathematical algorithms, GAPG and risk management software
to trade the commodity markets.

For more information, please visit our company website: www.dragonholdings.net

If you have any questions, please contact Elena Ciorogariu for assistance:

Email: elena.ciorogariu@dragonholdings.net  or Tel: +49 (0) 89 2166 5036.

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