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June 24, 2013 09:00 ET

Bounce Energy Readies Summer Demand Response Program for Residential Customers

Texas Energy Company Rewards Customers Who Conserve With Its Innovative Demand Response Program

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2013) - For the second summer in a row, Bounce Energy will roll out its Peak Rewards Demand Response Program for residents in Texas. Launched as a trial program in 2012 to great results, this year, Peak Rewards will provide a 5% bill discount to customers that reduce their electricity usage at a level that helps reduce stress on the electricity grid when Bounce Energy declares an "Emergency Event."

As part of an energy industry that has been pushing for the creation of an effective demand response program, Bounce Energy stands apart from other Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) by developing a system independent from the efforts launched by ERCOT. Nearly 25% of the Bounce Energy Texas customer base is currently enrolled to participate in Peak Rewards. The company will consider expanding its enrollment if the program continues to be successful with reducing demand upon the Texas electricity grid when it's most needed.

"After meeting with numerous companies regarding a demand response solution, we were determined to build our own program. We are proud to present Texas with a demand response program that can work for residential customers," stated Elizabeth Maberry, Senior Vice-President of Business Development. "Our company is committed to playing fair with our customers, while delivering real results to a Texas energy industry looking for answers to its demand concerns."

When a workable residential solution wasn't available in the market at that time, Bounce Energy took the important step of creating its Peak Rewards program internally. The energy company has now developed the technology necessary to support the program and monitor the participating customers. In this way, Bounce Energy can effectively measure the efficacy of the Peak Rewards and continue to improve upon it.

Bounce Energy makes it easy for customers to participate in Peak Rewards -- they simply need to reduce kilowatt (kWh) usage on the day an "Emergency Event" has been declared, with the hours of 3pm to 7pm being the measurable comparison. Bounce Energy informs customers about an "Emergency Event" via e-mail, text messages, MyAccount, Twitter, and Facebook starting the night before an event.

Following an "Emergency Event," Bounce Energy will determine control days based upon historical weather and usage data by ERCOT congestion zone. The control days' usage is scaled to take into account the weather on the event day. If a customer reduces usage below the threshold participation limit, the customer is eligible to receive a 5% discount for the billing cycle.

By incenting usage reduction efforts in a creative way, Bounce Energy has created an easy-to-understand demand response program that will benefit all players in the Texas electricity grid -- consumers, REPs, and ERCOT. The Peak Rewards Demand Response Program serves as a great example of how forward-thinking ingenuity and problem-solving can influence the direction of the Texas energy industry.

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