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May 07, 2013 07:30 ET

Boundary Launches First Central Intelligence Service for Modern IT Operations Management

Unique Capability to Analyze Per-Second Application "Chatter" and Combine With Events From Other Management Tools Allows Operations to Prevent Application and Cloud Disasters Before They Strike

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 7, 2013) - Boundary has combined real-time data streaming, third-party alerts and events, and sophisticated analytics to deliver the industry's first central intelligence service for modern IT operations management. The new service analyzes and correlates per-second application traffic "chatter" with inputs from AppDynamics, AWS CloudWatch, Jenkins, Nagios, Opscode, Pingdom, Puppet Labs, Splunk and others, to provide IT operations teams with early warnings on application and cloud failures. Boundary users can now monitor their entire IT environments from a single cloud-based dashboard that is updated every second, improving business agility and reducing management costs.

Boundary is fast becoming a key player in the $7 billion IT operations management market, which legacy vendors dominated until modern applications and infrastructures ushered in a new breed of technologies, solutions and providers. Boundary's service, which launched one year ago, is now used by 90+ paying customers including Gilt Groupe, GitHub, Life360, Okta and StumbleUpon. Over 1,000 other companies are using a free version of the service. Boundary is ingesting more than 7TB of application data daily.

Boundary Central Intelligence Service

Boundary has added many new features the past several months. It now delivers the following capabilities:

Early Warnings - Boundary has focused on finding previously undetectable problems. Its algorithms are used to forecast application behavior and provide early warnings when anomalies occur at any level (node, app tier, custom group, etc.).

Consolidated Event Management Service - Early warnings surfaced by Boundary are combined with events/alerts from third-party products and appear in context of application dependencies. Boundary has created a pre-built library of event adapters and provides open REST APIs and an email interface for any others. Boundary's event management service offers capabilities such as de-duplication of events, auto closing of restoral events, simple operations workflow and powerful filtering and searching across all layers.

Centralized Operations Dashboard - A new, graphical dashboard provides a single view of complex applications and infrastructure across an organization's entire hybrid IT environment, including color-coded warning signals, comprehensive event console for active and recent activities, and performance graphs for providing a now vs. then application and infrastructure behavior comparison.

Application Topology Mapping - Boundary provides application discovery and dependency mapping with real-time updates and per-second data collection.

Per-second Data Streams - An always-on streaming engine ingests massive volumes of data pertinent to modern IT operations. Boundary provides analytics required for proactive, immediate problem identification and resolution. More than metrics, Boundary delivers alerts and insights on third-party events.

Widespread Customer and Partner Support

"Boundary's event management API will enable a richer set of alert information to be shared between AppDynamics and Boundary," said Stuart Horne, vice president of business development at AppDynamics. "The net result will be that customers can maintain the context of events and alerts between AppDynamics and Boundary, making it easier to move between the environments. We're very excited to partner with Boundary to bring an integration to market that is revolutionizing the way organizations monitor the health of their complex, distributed application environments."

"Joyent is committed to developing an ecosystem that offers the most comprehensive variety of integrated technologies and solutions in the market," said Jason Hoffmann, founder and CTO at Joyent. "We are particularly pleased with the availability of the new Boundary event management capabilities and API. This will enable Joyent SmartOS customers to correlate events from many different Joyent solution partners and view them in a single operations dashboard."

"Both Chef and Boundary are optimized for public, private and hybrid clouds, where visibility and instantaneous response are essential," said Bryan Hale, vice president of online services at Opscode. "The new Boundary event management service and API allows Chef to send richer information into Boundary, enabling IT operations teams to instantly see the detailed status of each automation request correlated against application performance information."

"Boundary's modern event management and API are an excellent fit with Plexxi's Affinity Networking," said Mike Bushong, vice president of marketing at Plexxi. "Application throughput and round-trip-time changes generate dynamic threshold alerts from Boundary that can automatically notify Plexxi's controller, which can determine if network topology changes will improve application performance. If the Plexxi controller changes the network, it can notify the Boundary operations dashboard, enabling the operator to instantly see the impact of these changes on application performance. This kind of automatic closed-loop notification offers customers powerful integration with their existing workflows, reducing operational costs while improving application performance."

"Puppet Enterprise and Boundary already work great together to provide our customers with an end-to-end automation and monitoring solution," said James Turnbull, vice president of technology operations at Puppet Labs. "The new event API means that Puppet Enterprise can pass richer information into Boundary, enabling our joint customers to see the status of each automation correlated with performance analytics and alerts."

"Boundary was so simple to install and almost instantly we saw data about our environment," said Stephane Bailliez, principal software engineer at Gilt Groupe. "Seeing all this history, second by second, can indicate if there is a hint of a problem. It's critical that we have a continuous picture of our environment and we look at Boundary every day."

"Life360 has 35 million users whose families count on our mobile app's promise of 'instant peace of mind,' and we rely on Boundary's real-time monitoring to keep our word," said Michael Hood, lead engineer at Life360. "Our systems process over one billion requests each day on AWS; with no planned maintenance, Boundary provides the actionable insights I need to keep our service reliable and our users safe."

"Boundary has proven a great way for us to dive deeper into what is happening on the network by bubbling up status and potential issues faster and more accurately than we were achieving with our other monitoring methods and tools," said Michael Hobbs, operations manager at StumbleUpon. "This way we can be sure that our popular service is always available and highly responsive for our customers."

"Application failures are a fact of life, but they don't have to be disastrous for users," said Dennis Callaghan, senior enterprise software analyst at 451 Research. "Early warnings from Boundary can help IT adjust to performance issues before end users are impacted, mitigating public relations fiascos, reducing application management costs, and improving business agility and service uptime."

"There is a massive shift taking place in the IT world from traditional data centers and fixed environments to cloud infrastructure and highly-distributed applications," said Gary Read, CEO at Boundary. "Legacy solutions for IT operations management are woefully inadequate for enabling this change. We are the first company to deliver a fully-integrated cloud service for managing the total performance of a company's IT infrastructure and applications. Using vast amounts of data, Boundary can peer deeply into a company's environment and instantly understand its health in current and historical context, helping IT promote business agility in ways it couldn't do before."

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Boundary has developed the first central intelligence service for modern IT operations management. The service analyzes and correlates per-second application traffic "chatter" with inputs from third-party IT management tools, to provide IT operations teams with early warnings on application and cloud failures. Boundary users can now monitor their entire IT environments from a single cloud-based dashboard that is updated every second, improving business agility and reducing management costs. Named a "Cool Vendor for DevOps" by Gartner, Boundary is privately-held and based in San Francisco, California, with venture funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Scale Venture Partners. For more information on Boundary visit us on the web at or on

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