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February 13, 2013 14:16 ET

Boundless Files Answer to Textbook Publishers' Lawsuit, Seeks Jury Trial

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 13, 2013) - Boundless, the free alternative to expensive textbooks, filed an answer to three of the world's largest textbook publishers' March 2012 lawsuit, requesting a trial by jury. At a time when textbook prices have risen at three times the rate of inflation, Boundless is well along the way to turning around this escalation by offering equivalent quality, openly-licensed educational materials online at dramatically lower costs. Boundless is doing this with a transformational digital learning platform that puts college students back into the heart of learning, while leveraging the power of information available on the Internet. Boundless offers alternatives to college-level introductory textbooks for biology, economics and psychology distributed by major textbook publishers.

The reaction of the publishers has been their unjustified and legally untenable lawsuit against Boundless for copyright infringement of these textbooks and false advertising and unfair competition. Ariel Diaz, founder and CEO of Boundless, said, "In our view, such legal action is an attempt to stifle startups such as Boundless who are driving innovation and using the power of the Internet to help students save money and become better learners."

In March 2012 Pearson, Cengage and Macmillan's Bedford, Freeman & Worth filed their lawsuit against Boundless. The publishers do not claim that Boundless' electronic textbooks literally copy any text or illustrations from the Plaintiffs' textbooks. Nor do the Plaintiffs claim ownership of the factual concepts and topics discussed in their textbooks, since such a claim would clearly be barred by the Copyright Act, as ideas, concepts and facts are not legally protected under the statute. Rather, the Plaintiffs allege that Boundless' electronic textbooks copy the Plaintiffs' "selection, coordination and arrangement" of these unprotectable elements.

Boundless is proud to continue its vision and mission of giving students a choice of high-quality, open educational resources, despite the publishers' legal action. On Wednesday, February 13 we are filing an answer and demand for a jury trial. Boundless will vigorously deny the overly broad and legally flawed allegations made by the publishers. Boundless will ultimately show that the alleged similarities between the plaintiffs' textbooks and defendant's online educational materials stem from their covering the same facts and concepts in the same basic order as that found in plaintiffs' textbooks, and that such similarity is necessitated by the subject matter and standard in these fields. In the ensuing months, Boundless' defense will pose a series of tests for plaintiffs' claims to establish that the publishers' lawsuit disregards basic copyright law principles. Boundless is confident that it will become evident that its digital textbooks do not violate copyright or any other rights of the plaintiffs.

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