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May 13, 2013 11:00 ET

Boundless Textbooks Surge in Popularity for Spring Entry Level Courses

College Students at Northeastern, Florida State, University of Illinois and More Choose Affordable, Interactive Alternative to Printed Textbooks

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 13, 2013) -  For decades, college students have resigned themselves to spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks. But now Boundless, a learning company offering online textbooks and study tools, is completely challenging the traditional cost structure for university-level knowledge. Today, Boundless revealed the rapidly growing popularity of the company's online textbooks and study tools in entry level classes at universities across the U.S. Boundless's textbooks are affordable, high-quality alternatives that use expert-curated open educational resources (OERs) found online to replace the expensive books typically assigned for classes.

Boundless's online textbooks and study tools have been available since 2012 to students in all states. These books are now being used widely across campuses, with the latest Spring 2013 data showing:

  • Boston University: Since Fall of 2012, Boundless has seen a 290 percent increase in student usage. Notably, over 20 percent of BU's introductory financial accounting classes have gotten the Boundless textbook and study tools. (All usage statistics are based on users' self reporting that they are in particular courses, as compared to data provided by schools as to the number of seats in these courses.)
  • Florida State University: From Fall 2012 to Spring 2013, the Florida State Boundless user base has grown by 150 percent. In the intro level microbiology courses, 28 percent of students have registered to use Boundless.
  • Northeastern: As a whole, student use of Boundless's textbooks at Northeastern has increased by over 600 percent since Fall 2012. For example, the majority -- 61 percent -- of students in Northeastern's intro level psychology courses have registered for Boundless. The same goes for Northeastern's intro level accounting courses, where half the students are using Boundless's text. Student users of Boundless's text in the macroeconomics class is at 27 percent.
  • University of Central Florida: Boundless has seen 160 percent growth in users since Fall 2012, with 19 percent of the introductory level microeconomics courses using its textbook.
  • University of Illinois: Across all classes, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign has seen over a 1000 percent increase in student users. Intro-level psychology courses boast a 45 percent Boundless book usage rate -- a nearly 30 percent growth from the Fall 2012 registration for the same course.

"Young, mobile college students demand low-cost, accessible, interactive content," said Ariel Diaz, co-founder and CEO of Boundless. "Boundless gives students a high-quality alternative to the books they're traditionally assigned. We bring to life content that was once static, allowing students to highlight passages, share digital notes with classmates, and have more dynamic learning and studying experiences. We expect our growth to continue into the fall semester, since 95 percent of our users from the previous semester told us that they got the grade they expected or higher in our satisfaction survey."

Boundless works by giving students access to high quality, digital textbooks curated by experts that can be used in place of or as a supplement to the traditional textbooks assigned by professors. Students in introductory courses can find textbooks and study tools in "aligned" textbooks, that map to specific, traditional books and editions assigned by the professor. With Boundless, students now have a choice -- they can go with traditional, tired textbooks, or enjoy the freedom of free and low cost, digital textbook alternatives with integrated study tools.

Check out Boundless's digital textbooks and study tools here.

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