July 10, 2012 08:26 ET

BoxTone First to Unify Enterprise Mobility Management With Core IT

Automated MDM, MAM & Support Management Solutions Drive Down BYOD Complexities and Support Costs

COLUMBIA, MD--(Marketwire - Jul 10, 2012) - BoxTone, the innovator of automated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), today announced the launch of BoxTone 7.0, catalyzed by the popularity of BYOD and the increasing number of enterprises, managed service providers (MSP) and government agencies operationalizing mobility as core IT. BoxTone 7.0's unified EMM platform automates hundreds of role-based workflows across all IT roles spanning mobile device management (MDM), mobile app management (MAM) and support management, enabling organizations to rapidly scale their mobile deployments to meet business demands at the lowest cost, risk and effort.

"The exponential growth of BYOD has been driving a greater need for companies to employ scalable, automated EMM solutions that not only address mobile device management, but also encompass mobile support, operations and apps. The mobility management challenge becomes even more intense as customers move into the next phase of mobility to deploy business-critical apps that are directly tied to revenues and sensitive data," said Alan Snyder, CEO of BoxTone. "BoxTone 7.0 represents the collective expertise from working with the world's largest enterprises and most complex mobile deployments over the last seven years. As the industry's only unified EMM platform, BoxTone 7.0 empowers organizations to safely, efficiently and reliably operationalize mobility as core IT. And only BoxTone delivers the workforce automation and support management capabilities that drive ROI on large-scale BYOD deployments."

Automated Workflows
As enterprise mobility shifts from tactical mobile islands to fully integrated mobile as core IT, BoxTone 7.0 delivers the unified EMM platform that automates hundreds of workflows, purpose-built to operationalize mobility and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) across all critical IT functions. BoxTone 7.0's automation engine with real-time data collection, centralized database, predictive analytics, rules engine, embedded expertise and knowledgebase empower each IT role with the visibility, insight and automated workflows needed to help them easily manage mobility over the full mobile lifecycle. In addition, BoxTone 7.0 delivers continuous enforcement of enterprise policies and compliance across mobile users, devices, apps and services through automated real-time monitoring, enforcement, alerting, and audit reporting capabilities.

BoxTone 7.0 delivers the most scalable, accurate and comprehensive mobile solution in the industry today. In fact, BoxTone's Automation Engine analyzes more than 2,200 points of data from each mobile user each minute and scales to peak loads of more than 3,000,000 transactions per hour and more than 100,000 devices. And with IT always on the move, all of BoxTone 7.0's role-based dashboards and consoles are now optimized for use on tablets for an enhanced remote IT management user experience.

Automated Support Management
With rapidly growing enterprise mobile deployments now overwhelming IT support teams, BoxTone 7.0's automated support management delivers instant visibility across end-to-end mobile services, real-time diagnostics, auto-remediation and embedded expert knowledgebase. Only BoxTone 7.0 helps organizations free overburdened service desk support teams by dramatically shortening mean time to repair (MTTR), getting the mobile user back in service quickly to ensure high mobile ROI and reducing mobile support costs by 60-70 percent.

As deployments grow in scale and business-critical apps are closer tied to revenue and proprietary data, there is an essential need for automated mobile support management. Industry studies show that mobile users have one to three issues per year that can prompt a call to the service desk. With an initial mobile pilot of 200 devices and a single app, spending one hour troubleshooting a remote enterprise-connected device is challenging but not overwhelming. But scale that deployment to 10,000 enterprise-connected devices, and those hours spent resolving support issues equates to the need to hire an additional 10 mobile experts for managing the influx of these support requests. BoxTone's automated support capabilities enable an existing PC support or IT help desk team to scale to support tens of thousands of devices with no additional hires for lower mobile TCO while maintaining high customer satisfaction rates.

Automated Mobile App Management (MAM)
With each enterprise-connected device growing to include an average of five different corporate apps across a multitude of different departments and mobile user roles, large enterprises are experiencing a multiplicative effect that is driving the need for automated MAM. Hybrid enterprise scenarios with a mix of corporate-liable devices and BYOD that start with a pilot of few hundred mobile devices with the single email app can quickly scale to thousands of mobile users and even more apps. From internal productivity apps to business-critical apps that directly drive revenue, the only way to scale mobile apps safely, reliably and efficiently is through BoxTone's automated and integrated mobile app management.

BoxTone 7.0 provides centralized MAM capabilities with an Enterprise App Catalog that go beyond the traditional MDM with the automated no-touch app lifecycle management, integrated AD rights management, real-time policy and compliance management, secure app-level DLP, and rich mobile app tracking and audit reporting.

According to a recent Yankee Group report on MDM vendors, managing and supporting mobile assets was found to be a major concern for businesses, right behind the security of data on the device. Chris Marsh, senior analyst at Yankee Group who authored the report, said, "BoxTone is ahead of the curve in realizing the challenges enterprises will face when it comes to integrating their MDM and MAM solutions and ensuring that a unified security, policy and compliance architecture can be applied across all mobile assets. BoxTone has done an impressive job of defining the EMM market and has played a strong role in moving the segment beyond the siloed definitions of MDM and MAM, pointing to a future where mobility can become integrated into traditional business IT. In emphasizing both breadth of platform service integration and third-party service interoperability, it stands well positioned to help drive the EMM agenda."

Snyder added, "Our mission is to ensure that our customers always remain productive and achieve maximum ROI from their mobile investments. We continue to enhance our solutions to address their evolving mobile needs to ensure successful large scale deployments over the full lifecycle. This includes both our own innovative technology represented with BoxTone 7.0 and our BoxTone EMM Partner Network, which consists of market leading vendors across mobile security, mobile apps, mobile services, and enterprise infrastructure, all of which integrate with the unified BoxTone EMM platform."

To learn more about BoxTone 7.0, click here to register for a webinar entitled, "BoxTone 7.0 Platform Makes Supporting BYOD Comparable to Managing PCs," at 11 AM EDT on Wednesday, July 25th.

BoxTone 7.0 is currently available through BoxTone direct sales, or through its network of reseller and managed service provider (MSP) partners.

About BoxTone
BoxTone is the innovator of automated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). With millions of mobile devices and apps under management, BoxTone's automated EMM platform is trusted by more of the world's leading enterprises, Managed Service Providers and government agencies than any other -- including 41 of the Fortune® 100 and 8 of the Top 10 MSPs -- to ensure maximum mobile performance and security at the lowest cost and risk. Only BoxTone's single unified mobile management platform powered by patented real-time automation technology addresses the entire mobile lifecycle: mobile device management (MDM), application management (MAM), support management and operations management. And only BoxTone delivers real-time centralized control of all mobile smartphones and tablets including iPhone and iPad, Google Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as well as the enterprise apps that run on them.

BoxTone's unparalleled EMM innovation has also been recognized by leading industry analysts, as the company has recently been positioned in the "Visionaries" Quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software, named an "innovator" in the Forrester Research, Inc. Market Overview: On-premises MDM Solutions, and named to the Winner category in Yankee Group's "MDM Is Dead. Long Live EMM!"

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