November 19, 2013 12:00 ET

BoxTone "Mobile Impact on IT" Survey Identifies Support, Cost, and Complexity Barriers on the Road to Mobilization

Enterprises Face Compounding Challenges as Mobile Deployment Size and Complexity Increase Dramatically

COLUMBIA, MD--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - BoxTone, the innovator dedicated to making enterprise mobility run better, today announced results from a recent survey it conducted of more than 350 enterprise IT and managed service provider (MSP) professionals. The "Mobile Impact on IT" survey was designed to determine the state of mobile adoption, mobile service deployment patterns, and service desk support concerns and priorities. The results indicate that enterprise and MSP teams face compounding support challenges due to rapid mobile adoption, frequency of device churn, device diversity, and troubleshooting support challenges, among other issues. An infographic of the survey results can be viewed at:

Key findings include:

Enterprise IT & Support Face a Relentless March toward Full Employee Mobilization
57% of the respondents report that approximately half of their employees are now using enterprise connected devices. This is a marked increase from previous surveys that showed 30-40% enterprise mobile adoption in 2012, up from 20-30% adoption in 2011. 

"While adoption still varies across companies, trending data shows the entire bell curve moving upward, with 12% of companies reporting an 80-100% mobilization," said Brian Reed, Chief Product Officer at BoxTone. "Clearly, there is a maturation of mobile deployment in the workplace, where it's moved from the pilot stage to crossing the threshold into more mainstream adoption. Companies can no longer ignore the management and support challenges of wide-scale mobile deployments."

Rapid Growth, Diversity and Churn Compounds stress on Enterprise IT & Support
Just over 50% of the respondents expect half of their organization's mobile users will change devices or add new devices over the next year. The impact across system infrastructure, provisioning, and change management can be dramatic and painful for IT and support teams.

"Brilliant device innovation coupled with aggressive competition will keep users migrating and switching to get the latest features and form factors," Reed added. "In the past, IT and support teams standardized on one PC format and vendor to more predictably and cost-effectively scale out their PC deployments -- but the explosion of mobile diversity with hundreds of different devices has thrown that out the window permanently. IT and support teams accustomed to the predictable three-year PC refresh pattern are now strained when trying to manage a rate of change that has collapsed from years to months." 

Top Roadblocks for BYOD Expansion & Adoption: Support Complexity, Device Diversity, and Costs
At 57%, complexity of support is now the top BYOD issue after the typical security concern of IT. The next highest concerns are diversity of devices (43%) and costs (28%). 

"More employees are now using a wider variety of mobile devices, apps and services, with the expectations of problem free, uninterrupted service. This wide diversity and always-on imperative have collided to make efficient service desk support a far more complex undertaking, and in many cases uncharted territory for service desk staff. It's clear that security and support are now the two sides of the coin for mobility, where you must address both to be successful with BYOD. This challenge will only increase in importance as organizations deploy mission critical mobility to run the business and gain competitive advantage," said Reed

Mobile Support Friction is Growing: Longer Downtimes, Higher Support Costs
Over 50% of the respondents report that it takes at minimum 30 minutes or more to troubleshoot and resolve mobile issues. Worse still, nearly 20% cite that it takes hours to days for mobile issue resolution. Surveys for the past two years have consistently shown mobile support ticket times gradually getting longer.

"Support staff is well-equipped and trained for the homogenous PC environment and the handful of systems most employees use. However, the majority of support teams lack the training, and traditional vendors lack the tools to quickly identify and resolve mobile issues. When the average trouble ticket costs $50 to $100+ and the typical mobile user has two to three issues per year, there's a hidden, multi-million dollar financial toll that is just starting to dawn on enterprises. Employee downtime and frustration only add to the pain," Reed added.

Top Best Practices for Mobile Support: Publish FAQ/Knowledgebase, Shift to User Self-Service, Automate Service Desk Support
When asked which best practices enterprise and MSPs plan on implementing to improve their mobile deployment and support, nearly half the respondents expect to empower users with Fix Your Own Device (FYOD) through a mix of publishing an FAQ/knowledgebase, followed closely by adding a mobile-specific, user self-service capability. And with support still requiring its own mobile troubleshooting tools, 37% cited mobile-specific service desk support automation.

"The FAQ/knowledgebase is a simple lightweight starting point that most organizations deploy. But with the surging mobile support load, our leading-edge customers have turned to mobile user self-service (USS) and mobile service desk support to improve visibility, control costs and ensure high mobile user satisfaction. User self-service gives mobile users the ability to diagnose, self-administer and fix their mobile devices without IT intervention, and without the costly support ticket. These capabilities extend existing support tools and processes for support teams to quickly resolve mobile issues," Reed concluded.

For more information on the survey results, BYOD market trends and Fix Your Own Device (FYOD), view the infographic at:

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