SOURCE: Penn Multimedia, Inc.

Penn Multimedia, Inc.

April 25, 2011 14:33 ET Owners Praise Law Firm's Withdrawal From DOMA Defense

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Apr 25, 2011) - Penn Multimedia President Seth Persily reacted with exuberance on Monday to news that the law firm King & Spalding will withdraw from representing House Republicans on the Defense of Marriage Act.

"It's incredibly uplifting to see a company do the right thing," stated Persily. "We commend King & Spalding Chairman Robert Hays for taking full responsibility for the actions of his firm and working swiftly to reverse their decision to take on this odious case."

Upon discovering last week that King & Spalding attorney Paul Clement agreed to represent House Republicans on DOMA, the firm faced a tidal wave of negative criticism. The Atlanta-based SEO firm Penn Multimedia developed, which called for a boycott of the firm and was set to urge visitors to contact King & Spalding's more prominent clients such as Coca Cola and SunTrust. was replaced with a large 'Thank You' displaying the pictures of gay and lesbian families currently affected by DOMA.

The case will continue to be handled by former Solicitor General Robert Clement, who announced his resignation from King & Spalding and stated he will take the case to the Washington, DC-based law firm of Bancroft, PLLC.

"A boycott of Bancroft does not seem likely," said Persily. "Frankly, I'm thrilled that Robert Clement is going to continue with the case. He's a good politician who made it to Solicitor General under Bush, but frankly he's not particularly renowned for his legal skills. We were shocked that King & Spalding was handling the case, but Bancroft is no King & Spalding and Paul Clement is certainly no Johnnie Cochran, so we think we scored a home run today."

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