SOURCE: Bluespring Software

October 26, 2006 14:09 ET

BPM + SOA Pioneer Bluespring Software Talks Standards at the Object Management Group's October Workshop

CINCINNATI, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 26, 2006 --Bluespring Software, the Business Process Management (BPM) software company that puts the power of business process design, execution and management in the hands of business people, joined Microsoft, IBM & BEA as featured speakers at the Object Management Group (OMG) Workshop entitled "Building a Service Oriented Architecture with BPM and MDA."

Karl Treier, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Bluespring Software and one of the industry's leading thought leaders with respect to people-centric BPM technology, addressed the specific need for a segmented approach to standards better capable of addressing the differences between the 4 primary types of BPM technology:

--  People-centric BPM software
--  Document-centric BPM software
--  Integration-centric BPM software
--  Application-embedded BPM software
"As standards continue to evolve, it is important that we recognize the fundamental differences in each of the four types of BPM software," said Karl Treier, CTO of Bluespring Software. "While some overlap exists, they are not interchangeable technologies as some would have you believe. They solve very different business problems and require proper attention be paid to the distinctions."

The OMG is the largest and most established independent standards body as it relates to software development and technology-related standards, having established BPMN, BPDM and UML. In 2005, OMG merged with the Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI).

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Bluespring Software and its partner network bring business process execution to the people-ready business. Bluespring's BPM Suite is a people-centric business process management (BPM) technology that delivers cost savings, visibility, compliance and control to those processes dominated by human worker interaction. Bluespring Software is currently deployed in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Investment Banking, Telecommunications, Corporate Housing and other vertical markets.

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