BPS Resolver Inc.

BPS Resolver Inc.

October 05, 2010 13:30 ET

BPS Resolver Partners With Matrikon to Present the Ultimate NERC Compliance Solution: Simplicity. Automation. Excellence.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2010) - BPS Resolver Inc., a recognized leader in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management announces today a strategic partnership with Matrikon. Bringing you a compliance solution that is flexible enough to cover all your GRC requirements, and focused enough to automate many of the demanding tasks required for NERC CIP compliance.

"We at BPS Resolver are very excited to be partnering with Matrikon. The joint offering of our two products is unique for its combination of overall NERC compliance management and depth of focus on the particular tasks required for NERC CIP compliance. Combining our industry leading NERC compliance solution with Matrikon Compliance Manager, we are offering a unique tool for NERC entities that must comply with all the NERC standards, but have come to realize the depth of the compliance challenges posed by CIP in particular," said Tricia Kelly, Director, Global Alliances, BPS Resolver Inc.

The joint solution interfaces directly with cyber assets to retrieve information on configuration and user access rights. This information is used to populate the required CIP documentation, and keeps the documentation updated as changes occur. In addition, the joint solution provides workflow to automate the important CIP-required processes such as patch and change management and revocation of access on termination, as well as documenting all actions taken and approvals received. It also provides the document management, workflow, reports and dashboards needed to support every NERC Reliability Standard, manual or automated, as well as other Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance obligations.

Rick Kaun, the manager of Matrikon's Industrial Security and Compliance group, said "We have been hearing constantly that NERC entities need two things: a great solution to handle compliance with all the NERC standards, and a way to automate the many time-consuming and difficult tasks associated with NERC CIP compliance in particular. We are pleased to offer this winning combination through our partnership with BPS Resolver."

About Matrikon

Matrikon is a Canadian company that provides industrial performance monitoring software and consulting solutions that improve productivity and efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability. Matrikon is an independent unit of Honeywell Process Solutions.

Matrikon's Industrial Security and Compliance (IS&C) group is ten years old, and has helped organizations in diverse industrial sectors such as oil refining, gas pipelines, and mining through assessing cybersecurity compliance and implementing controls. IS&C has worked extensively with electric utilities and power producers to attain and maintain NERC CIP compliance for five years, and has developed an extensive software offering, Matrikon Compliance Manager, that automates many of the tasks involved with maintaining NERC CIP compliance.

Matrikon maintains offices throughout North America, and in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.

About BPS Resolver Inc.

BPS Resolver software solutions are acquired by companies that have material exposure to failures in legislative compliance, shareholder assurance and long term sustainability.

We make it simple for companies to effectively mobilize people to address these issues proactively and to demonstrate and document these efforts to third parties. BPS Resolver adds value by replacing informal, unreliable, expensive or inflexible systems with easy to adopt and easy to use solutions. To achieve this, BPS Resolver brings together the best possible technology foundations with the most current industry information and best practice. Since 2002 we have invested over $20 Million in product development and continue to invest a high percentage of our revenues in maintaining and development of leading products.

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