SOURCE: BPTelco, Service, Install & Fiber Optics

BPTelco, Service, Install & Fiber Optics

September 02, 2015 13:00 ET

BPTelco Announces Corning Fiber Optic 20 Year Warranty

OCEANSIDE, CA--(Marketwired - September 02, 2015) - BPTelco, Service, Install & Fiber Optics, a C-7 licensed Contractor... is proud to announce that they have finished their Corning training and are now offering a 20 year warranty from Corning on larger Fiber Optics Installations for free!

"Today is about putting the customer first," said Burt Price, President of BPTelco. "We are proud to have the opportunity to expand our regular daily service, installation and troubleshooting of telecommunications, data systems and cabling for commercial businesses to larger Fiber Optic projects. We have been working with local airport authorities, state agencies, local municipalities and they are seeking this 20 year warranty for their fiber optic projects."

"Together, with Corning Fiber Optics, we'll deliver excellent Corning product, Corning engineered scalable projects and reliable solutions that will help connect our customer's business to the world wide web and beyond. Our clients will experience a much higher "Streaming" capability for their company personnel, saving time and expense. With a new Fiber Optics backbone our clients will experience a superior range of speed than ever before. We couldn't be more excited to get started!"

From larger to smaller fiber optics installations, BPTelco offers Corning trained and certified Fiber Optics installers.

In today's ever evolving technology, a business needs a partner to grow with, a "Go To" partner that will help resolve any networking problem and who will help increase capacity per business demands; within their own system, building or infrastructure.

With Site surveys, BPTelco can design a Network to meet different needs or design a Network that resolves present data issues. Adding Fiber optical solutions to any present system is fast, affordable, along with structured cabling to existing infrastructure increases speed and capacity up to 100G or more depending on the network equipment. Also, companies will accomplish the desired result of an organized phone room or cabinets, no longer a cluttered mess of cables.

"We are very proud to be offering Corning fiber optic products and to have the ability to offer the 20 year warranty on larger projects meeting the high expectations of our clients," said Mr. Price.

As a certified DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Entity), BPTelco can assist General Contractors secure larger projects.

If you wish more information on Corning Products or BPTelco, Service, Install & Fiber Optics services offered, please call Burt Price, 888.895.8186 or visit CA State Contractors License #1004215

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