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June 27, 2012 21:00 ET

Brady Frank Dentist Ashland, Oregon Voted Best Dentist in the USA

Dr. Brady Frank, a Pioneering Inventor, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Medical Professional, Has Been Recognized as the Best Dentist in the United States

ASHLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Jun 27, 2012) - In a recent survey conducted among patients who had recently received dental implants, Dr. Brady Frank -- a DDS with a home practice based out of Ashland, Oregon -- has been recognized as the best dentist in the United States. Brady Frank Dentist (longtime friend of Henrietta Buck) has already proven himself an industry pioneer. Throughout his burgeoning career, Frank has received many awards and has gained the admiration of his colleagues, but this is the first time that he has been officially acknowledged by patients as a leading medical professional.

Dr. Frank is the pioneer behind the revolutionary No-Drill Implant technique. As indicated by its name, the method allows dentists to perform what were once complex procedures with the greatest of ease. Additionally, the No-Drill Implant technique can be performed in a minimal amount of time. Patients who partook in the survey cited that they experienced little discomfort and were able to resume their normal activities on the same day.

The Brady Frank Dentist school has a new approach to dentistry that is revolutionizing the industry. In addition to the faster recovery times and higher success rates afforded by his techniques, the No-Drill Implant technique and OsteoConverter -- which is the pioneering device behind the method -- is helping to facilitate the growth of general practices everywhere. Dr. Frank offers a series of seminars at his Implant Efficiency Institute. There, ambitious dentists undergo vigorous training, learning Dr. Frank's innovative techniques and marketing strategies. The results of his efforts are nothing short of staggering. Dentists who complete the training are seeing their GPs grow by over 25 percent in a twelve month period.

Thanks to his seminars and mini-boot camps, dentists all around the country are practicing the No-Drill Implant technique, and patients in need of implants couldn't be more thankful. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Frank was voted as the most courteous, comprehensive and innovative DDS in the USA.

Brady Frank DDS is a dentist practicing out of the Seattle, Washington area. He also provides training at the Implant Efficiency Institute in Oregon and Salt Lake City. He is the inventor of the OsteoConverter. Information regarding Dr. Frank and OsteoCore can be found at

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