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Brain-Body Calibration

March 22, 2011 17:13 ET

Brain-Body Calibration Reduces Time Athletes Spend on Disabled List and Provides Anti-Aging Benefits

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 22, 2011) -  Brain-Body Calibration, originally developed to help those suffering from pain, has shown tremendous positive effects on athletes, including those at the professional, Olympic and college levels, as well as weekend warriors. Created by Dr. David Rubenstein, the technology has led to impressive performance results, with nearly all athlete clients reporting breaking personal best records. Experiencing Brain-Body Calibration can also lead to a reduction of time spent on the disabled list by 80 percent, and prevents up to 75 percent of athletic injuries due to the focus and concentration that comes from the calibration process getting the brain in the zone. This makes it worthwhile for athletes and coaches to consider the technology before an injury occurs.

This technology audits and reorganizes the brain by altering the way it processes information through micro exercises, or small amounts of precise resistance. The technology also provides anti-aging benefits, with clients reporting feeling at least 30-40% younger, in terms of both mental clarity and physical appearance and ability. Due to the anti-aging benefits, Pro Player careers can be extended. Regarding the new technology, Rubenstein says, "We've been using the same building blocks of understanding for a century. Brain-Body Calibration is the discovery of new building blocks that have just been hidden from view and which allow us to shatter the entire book of athletic records."

Dr. Rubenstein was inspired to seek long-lasting alternative medical treatments after suffering pain from athletic injuries and a car accident. "We're working with unprecedented access to the human brain and how it drives the body," says Rubenstein, who holds a Ph.D. in Medical Science and a dual M.S. in Kinesiology and Pain Management and has focused on complex health and athletic issues throughout his 25-year career. The culmination of his experience and desire for a new treatment led to the discovery of Brain-Body Calibration technology. Summing up the process, Rubenstein says "the brain functions much like a computer in that it generates errors that hinder its ability to work at its best level. Brain-Body Calibration does for your brain what defragmenting does for your computer; it reorganizes the brain and fixes errors, allowing information to be accessed in a more efficient way."

Rubenstein is an expert in his field with three books on exercise science and is twice published on calibration technologies in "Practical Pain Management." His overwhelming success helping athletes reach their optimum level of performance has earned him the nickname, "The Athlete Whisperer."

"This discovery gives us the ability to be stronger, injury resistant, recover from injury in 80% less time and to simply out-perform any of the prediction models that we, until now, relied upon for defining perfection in athletics," says Rubenstein.

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