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Brainhunter Inc.

March 09, 2005 17:25 ET

Brainhunter Launches BPO Centre In India




MARCH 9, 2005 - 17:25 ET

Brainhunter Launches BPO Centre In India


BPO Centre Core to Strategic Growth Initiatives

Brainhunter Inc. ("Brainhunter" or the "Company") (TSX:BH) is pleased to
announce the launch of its Business Process Outsourcing ("BPO") centre
in India. The BPO Centre is a core component of Brainhunter's strategy
to provide its customers with the most comprehensive recruiting and
staffing services and solutions in the marketplace today.

Together with a fully integrated technology platform encompassing
Applicant Tracking Systems, Vendor Management Systems, Back Office
Systems, a network of over 85 specialized Job Boards and one of the
largest active databases of professionals in North America, the BPO
Centre adds to Brainhunter 24/7 recruiting capability for contract
staffing in both Canada and the United States, telemarketing support for
Job Board sales initiatives and supports strategic relationship
initiatives in India focussed on total outsourcing solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing occurs when an organization turns over the
management of particular business processes to a third party that
specializes in that process. Through the right mix of business process
improvement, labour arbitrage and technology enhancements, BPO is aimed
at reducing operational costs, increasing service levels and essentially
increasing the overall efficiencies of the business. Brainhunter views
the BPO Centre as a core component contributing to the successful
implementation of key strategic initiatives, including recruiting
support for strategic acquisitions and Brainhunter's Partnering program
and Client Centric sales strategies in the U.S. Staffing industry.

Brainhunter's BPO strategy is focussed on both better execution of
select internal activities including recruiting and sales support along
with allowing Brainhunter through strategic relationships in India, a
competitive advantage in providing core expertise in the following areas:

- Finance and administrative solutions

- Telemarketing services including call centres

- Procurement solutions

- IT Help Desk Services

- HR Processing Solutions

- Technical Support Services

Initially, Brainhunter's BPO services will focus on industry verticals
where Brainhunter has strong domain knowledge, expertise and business
relationships, namely financial services, petrochemical, telecom, retail
and healthcare. Emphasis is on business processes where Brainhunter has
specialized knowledge and where the value proposition for our customers
has an immediate ROI impact.

Brainhunter is currently finalizing negotiations that will formalize a
number of strategic relationships with core specialized service
providers in India. These relationships combined with Brainhunter's
recruiting and staffing technology platform will position Brainhunter as
a pre-eminent provider of recruiting and staffing services and solutions
for its customers in IT, Engineering and Healthcare.

Brainhunter's BPO Centre is fully equipped with voice over IP capability
and will operate across multiple channels including voice, email, chat
and data, along with blended channels to yield optimum performance. The
centre operates 24/7 to provide coverage across global time zones. The
centre is expected to grow to over 100 employees by the end of 2005 plus
multiple strategic relationships to leverage this employee base. The
internal support activities including recruiting capability supporting
contract staffing initiatives and Job Board activities supported by
fully dedicated telemarketing activities are all being supplied at
better than an 80 percent cost advantage to equivalent activities in
North America. From a service offering perspective, the BPO Centre will
also allow Brainhunter to offer our customers access to global staff,
processes, resources and technology as and when they are needed.

Brainhunter's BPO Centre is a further step in establishing Brainhunter
as a pre-eminent provider of technology and infrastructure capability in
managing all aspects of the business relationship between customer,
contract staffing personnel and agency.

Brainhunter is in the business of providing recruiting and staffing
solutions and services to its customers, which not only includes
providing technology, but also qualified people, whether these people
are domestically located or located within strategic partnerships in
offshore locations.

About Brainhunter Inc.

Brainhunter is a high value added technology company specializing in
providing end-to-end recruiting and staffing solutions and services. The
Company provides IT, Engineering, Industrial and Health Care
professionals on a full time and contract basis along with web enabled
software solutions handling all aspects of the recruiting and staffing
relationship between customer, contractor and agency, including all back
office functions. Technology and services are provided to customers
throughout Canada, the United States and globally under the brand
Brainhunter, and are divided into five core interrelated revenue streams
as follows:

1. Contract Staffing (Core Business / High Growth / IT, Engineering,
Industrial, Health Care)

2. Permanent Staffing (Essential Service /Full Service, Virtual Agency)

3. Specialized Job Boards (Core Business / High Growth / Job Postings,
Database Access)

4. Software Licenses (Essential Service / Applicant Tracking, Vendor
Management, Back Office Systems)

5. Professional Services (Essential Service / Project Management,
Technology Platform Support, Solutions Delivery, Business Process
Outsourcing ("BPO"))

Brainhunter's Technology Platform and Best practices are believed to
deliver the most cost effective, flexible and customizable recruiting
and staffing solutions and processes in the marketplace today. The
Platform is deployed internally and is sold externally in a modular
capacity or as a fully integrated end-to-end solution on an ASP Model to
customers in conjunction with Brainhunter's extensive Job Board
Technology and Job Seeker Database capability (over 1 million resumes).
The Platform provides the engine driving Brainhunter's high-growth
Recruiting and Staffing Solutions and Services strategy. It is supported
by the Company's solutions division which employs approximately 100
highly specialized, fully billable technical employees driving a highly
profitable solutions business.

Brainhunter is a publicly traded company with a senior listing on the
Toronto Stock Exchange. Brainhunter deploys over 700 Contractors /
Consultants with an internal staff of approximately 150 personnel. The
Company has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, a
correspondence relationship in China and now has the BPO office in India.


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