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BrainSell Continues Four-Part SugarCRM Best Practices Summer Series on July 8, 2015 with "Marketing Best Practices"

TOPSFIELD, MA--(Marketwired - June 30, 2015) - BrainSell is continuing their four-part best practices webinar mini-series by focusing on marketing best practices. This session will focus on getting more qualified leads into SugarCRM. Their next session will be held July 8, 2015 from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST. BrainSell's Vice President of Sales, Kevin Cook and Marketing Manager, Jordan Fraczek will be hosting the webinar. They will break down how to open up your funnel and drive more leads into your sales pipeline.

BrainSell, a SugarCRM elite partner and value-added reseller of business software, will be holding their second of a four-part summer series on the best way to use SugarCRM. As early adopters of integrated inbound marketing tactics, they are the perfect team to demonstrate how to use SugarCRM with and without integrated marketing solutions. BrainSell will first highlight what Sugar is capable of with out-of-the-box marketing tools and then move into add-ons tools.

Marketing is an integral part of success in creating a selling machine within your CRM. Fraczek talks about having to "feed" the beast (the sales funnel) in order to become an effective inbound selling organization. "You have to open up the top of the funnel," said Fraczek. "Sometimes that requires getting back to basics." Setting up a marketing strategy first requires that all the right tools are in place (for email, content creation, etc.). Even if you're not using a marketing automation tool (which helps immensely), many of the same marketing principles remain the same within CRM.

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Join Session #2 of BrainSell's SugarCRM Summer Best Practice Series - "Marketing Best Practices"

BrainSell will first go over creating marketing target lists and effectively segmenting your database. This is a huge first step in creating inbound and outbound campaigns. Cook and Fraczek will guide registrants through the process of setting up the right custom fields and modules to get the right pieces of information about your potential deals in SugarCRM.

Next, BrainSell will go over effective event marketing. This includes the best way to get folks to webinars, trade shows, and any other event (in person or not). BrainSell will go over how it marketed the event itself as an example.

After BrainSell shows how to create lists and start targeting potential leads, they will then move into acting on leads once they are in the funnel. This process includes creating a follow up cadence, looking into automated marketing campaigns and utilizing lead scoring.

Some examples of marketing best practices:

  • Automating email campaigns
  • Creating web-to-lead forms
  • Scoring leads
  • Creating an effective follow up cadence
  • Transferring leads and creating opportunities

Register for Session #2 - "Marketing Best Practices" here:

Register Here - "Marketing Best Practices"

See a replay of the first session of the series from June 10, 2015, "Sales User Best Practices" here:

Replay Session #1 of BrainSell's Summer Series - "Sales User Best Practices"

Even well-established marketers are sure to pick up some tips and tricks at this webinar. BrainSell's veteran marketing team will show you just how far Sugar's native tools can go as well as when it is appropriate to integrate a third-party tool (like Act-On).

Act-On, one of the most popular marketing automation platforms to integrate with Sugar, is also partnered with BrainSell and their tool will be featured during the webinar as the add-on tool of choice. Act-On provides a huge host of features that are all integrated with Sugar.

"SugarCRM is a perfect tool to use with Act-On," said Brandon Contreras, Manager of Global Channel Development at Act-On. "A platform that is as flexible and customizable as Sugar really shines when it is integrated with a tool like Act-On. In fact, Act-On is designed to work best when integrated with a third-party tool like Sugar or Salesforce."

A huge marketing challenge for any organization is to effectively create and deliver content. BrainSell will hope to make the challenge seem a bit easier by highlighting how they market their own company every day. You can sign up for the webinar at the links above or at

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