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May 08, 2008 12:24 ET

Braintech Announces Two New Products to Enhance Consumer and Edutainment Applications: Vision Intelligence Software Company Directed Into $12 Billion Market

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - May 8, 2008) - Braintech, Inc. (OTCBB: BRHI) announces its development and release of iSpot™ and BlueVision™ products in an initiative to expand its commercial and consumer products through the capabilities of the company's Volts-IQ™ Visual Intelligence Software Suite. iSpot software is capable of analyzing images from a variety of cameras (e.g., USB, Wi-Fi) to provide intelligent vision information to better define and navigate the camera scene. BlueVision wireless camera is the first step by the Company into manufacturing a hardware product as it offers a complete package in the form of a small, low cost, low power, Bluetooth wireless camera, which the Company has designed and will bundle with its own iSpot software.

"We believe iSpot and BlueVision will bring Vision Guided Robotics to the public in an innovative and exciting way," Braintech Chief Executive Officer Rick Weidinger said. "Our creation will put people's minds to work in creating new robotic applications that can be found at home and school as well as in creative and productive applications in the commercial space. The use of robotics outside of industry is not widespread yet, but it has great potential to improve quality of life and provide projects for the industrious mind."

Volts-IQ (an acronym for visual object location and tracking services) was originally announced by Braintech in December, 2006, and is developed out of the Microsoft Robotics Partner Program. It is designed to support companies in their plan to develop, integrate and market robotic software, devices and systems utilizing Microsoft's Robotics Studio for commercial, hobbyist and academic developers in order to create robotic applications for a wide variety of computing platforms.

The proprietary iSpot Server provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to robotic developers, commercial users and consumers with intuitive point-and-click software. This software platform transforms iSpot's Visual Intelligence into a product that can be used by virtually all ages. The iSpot GUI allows users to set up visual interaction with USB, Wi-Fi or other computer-enabled cameras.

The newly announced second product, the BlueVision wireless camera, began development after Braintech's scientists realized the need for a low-power consumption, low-cost wireless camera sensor that could compliment Volts-IQ in consumer and edutainment robotic development projects. It is intended for mobile robotic and other intelligent applications. The camera provides snapshots or video streams by capturing, digitizing and transmitting data over a robust Bluetooth wireless link. When used in conjunction with the iSpot Server, images from the camera can be analyzed to provide visual intelligence to robots and other devices.

Uses for the iSpot and BlueVision products in this dramatically increasing market are many. The task is to enhance consumer and edutainment robotic applications with intelligent vision. To this end, a robot or machine becomes visually aware of its surroundings and is able to adjust and make decisions. It can recognize objects, faces, motion, color, and targets. Example of scenarios: Someone walks in to your room and it senses motion and then recognizes that it is not you; it starts to record a video and sends it to you via email or SMS. Another example: You use the object spotter to spot your sister's brown cat when it enters the room and then use the motion spotter to track the cat so you can pitch it a ball so it can play in and enjoy your room.

"They're becoming such a reality, actually, that by the year 2015, the market for personal robotics components will reach $12 billion," according to ABI Research.

"These vision intelligence and machine vision industries are becoming so much fun. Soon we will not know the difference between play and work at the office 12 hours a day," commented Mr. Weidinger.

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