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August 02, 2012 09:00 ET

Brand Graph™ Q2 Research Uncovers Link Between Audience Insights and Campaign Performance Across Eight Industries

33Across Report Reveals Most Significant Behavioral Changes in Auto Category

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Aug 2, 2012) - 33Across, operators of the world's largest social and interest graph, reaching over a billion users, today released its Brand Graph Q2 2012 Category Insights Report, following the recent Social Personas product announcement. This third quarterly report highlights prevalent social habits of consumers -- blog consumption, content sharing, search, and video viewership -- in addition to interest data benchmarks, which include the top three consumer preferences in each industry category. The standout finding for this quarter was the increased online activity among consumers within the Auto category, indicated by the upward trend in social sharing and media consumption across the board.

The report represents a macro view of individual advertiser Brand Graphs, which enable marketers to gain a sophisticated understanding of their audiences and tailor their marketing strategy to comprehensive social, behavioral, interest, and demographic insights. The results were culled from 140 advertiser campaigns for 81 brands within 8 vertical categories from April to June 2012.

Key Vertical Finding: Auto Consumers Dominate the Web

The greatest change in consumer behavior between Q1 and Q2 occurred within the Auto Category. Advertisers, which include economy and luxury brand auto manufacturers, saw a substantial jump within each of the four social habits: 15% growth in blog consumption, 10% rise in overall content sharing, 10% spike in online search, and 7% increase in video viewership. The sharp upsurge in each of these areas should signal to auto brands that they must align marketing efforts to these audience attributes.

Key Findings: Brand and Direct Response Performance

The most notable cross-category finding was the material improvement in branding that companies achieved when marketing to consumers in their Brand Graphs. The data suggests that tapping into online social connections leads to greater brand awareness, recall, and consideration.

  • Brands that marketed to consumers in their respective Brand Graphs saw an average of 55% brand lift and 198% better direct response performance. Across all 8 categories, there was a 157% average improvement in return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

  • Brands were able to predict and reach groups of new consumers likely to become brand loyal that on average were 15 times larger than their existing loyal audience segments.

The Brand Graph: The Social Compass for Rest-of-Web

  • 33Across builds a custom Brand Graph for each of its clients, equipping them with a rest-of-web (ROW) marketing blueprint that identifies the universe of consumers likely to become brand loyal based on users' interests and social proximity to a brand.

  • Agencies and brands use the data trends and insights revealed in their Brand Graph to reach millions of new brand loyalists and to inform and guide their overall advertising strategy and spend.

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