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July 20, 2009 08:00 ET

Brand Neue Corp. Appoints Former Senior Executives From the Astra Group and Walmart, to the Positions of CEO & Chairman, and President and Advisor

BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS--(Marketwire - July 20, 2009) - Brand Neue Corp. ("Brand Neue or the "Company") (OTCBB:BRNZ): The newly created Brand Neue Corp., (formerly Qele Resouces Inc - QELE: OTCBB) today announced the appointments of former Astra Group Managing Director, Mr. Adi Muljo to the office of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Company's board of directors, and former Walmart Executive Vice President, Mr. John J. Ryan III to the position of President of the Company and Advisor to the Company's board of directors.

Mr. Adi Muljo held various senior positions with the Astra Group, Indonesia's largest conglomerate, between 1971 and 1998; including General Manager of the Xerox Division and Managing Director of Inter Delta, Indonesia's sole distributor for Kodak products and Canon cameras. From 1981-1998, he was responsible for the Vancouver and Baltimore offices of The Astra Group and was in charge of overseeing their North American expansion. In 1998, after retiring from Astra, Mr. Muljo founded a Maryland-based business consultancy promoting two-way trade between North America and several Asian and European countries. Over the past dozen years, Mr. Muljo provided counsel to many Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, and also developed and launched several successful new private and public companies on five continents.

Mr. John J. Ryan III is a renowned global merchant with over 30 years of retail experience. As Executive Vice President of Walmart Merchandising, Marketing & Global Sourcing, Mr. Ryan and Mr. Bobby Martin, who was then President and CEO of Walmart International, conceived the concept of global sourcing which drastically shortened the company's supply chain and grew Walmart international retail sales from $1.2 billion in revenue to generating over $47 billion in sales. Prior to his time at Walmart, Mr. Ryan spent over twenty years at Mercantile Stores, ultimately ascending to the position of Executive Vice President responsible for merchandising and marketing. His experience in these retail environments has opened doors for sourcing and distribution throughout the world. He is well known throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries.

The appointments of Messrs Muljo and Ryan come just days after the Company announced the execution of an assignment agreement (the "Agreement") with World Sourcing & Supplier Development Inc., of Arkansas, whereby the Company acquired all of World Sourcing's rights and interest in and to a license agreement between World Sourcing and Gizmo Packaging Ltd., of Scotland. The Agreement affords the Company an option to acquire the rights with respect to the manufacture, marketing, distribution and sale of a bottle capping device (the "Device") and the employment of technology and improvements related thereto for a period of fifteen years.

The German manufactured pressure-charged closure Device has extraordinary consumer appeal and is uniquely suited to the development of next generation beverages and liquid consumer products. In addition, the Device has a wide range of food service, retail, manufacturing, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

The Device's unique selling proposition is its ability to 'instantly mix' two ingredients immediately prior to use and to do so in a sterile, highly-customizable, completely portable environment. The Device has the appearance of a traditional screw-on beverage cap, but it contains a miniaturized pressure chamber designed to hold a precise volume of non-active concentrate or active ingredient which is automatically released into the still or base liquid, when the Device is opened. By adding flavors, colors, essences, vitamins, minerals, herbs, medicines, and concentrates and other active and non-active ingredients to a variety of base liquids, the Device facilitates the production of fresh and innovative ready-to-drink and ready-to-use beverages and liquid products in plastic or glass bottles. The ingredient chamber is specially sealed and impervious to light and contamination; two issues that continue to trouble the beverage and bottled vitamin water industries. For details of the Agreement see the EDGAR filing. To view animations of the Device in action visit

Of the Brand Neue business plan, Mr. Muljo says, "My perception of this opportunity is one of enormous proportions. Already we are attracting the attention of major players across all applicable sectors and we look forward to helping companies solve freshness, stability and portability problems, and, create fun and exciting new beverage opportunities."

Mr. Ryan is uniquely qualified to envision the Brand Neue opportunity in a global context, and says, "It is not unrealistic to expect that this closure (the Device) will revolutionize the beverage and bottled water industry globally, and in a way that we can only begin to imagine." The world market for bottled water is expected to exceed $94.2 billion USD by 2012, and, according to Mintel the single serving sales estimates for 2008, for enhanced waters, were about 4.3 billion 16-oz units. "The potential unit sale numbers related to enhanced vitamin waters alone represent enormous opportunity for the Company."

The execution of this Agreement represents step one of an aggressive business plan the Company has planned for immediate execution. Individually and collectively, Company executives know and are known by high-level power brokers at all levels of the global supply chain. Brand Neue is undertaking due diligence on a number of grass-roots and early-stage development companies with global potential, whose individual and/or consolidated assets and management have the potential to accelerate Company revenues and increase shareholder value. A product distribution arrangement with The Spice Depot, Inc is currently under consideration, and news of this and other developments will be released by the Company as it becomes material.

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