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November 12, 2014 07:00 ET

Brand Timbre Develops Audio-Identity Platform for World's Largest Genomics Company

Illumina Inc., Leading Life-Sciences Medical Technology Manufacturer, Moves to Connect With Its Customers Through Music, Sound Design, and Voice

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2014) - Brand Timbre LLC, a strategic sonic branding agency, has completed work on the first stage of a comprehensive audio-branding initiative for Illumina Inc. Illumina is an industry-leading life-sciences company that designs, develops and manufactures DNA and genetics sequencing machines used in labs throughout the world. Brand Timbre's multi-phase project includes an audio-branding strategy, an audio-identity profile that defines Illumina's sound, an audio logo, and product-sonification (sound design) assets for Illumina's sequencing instruments.

Working in conjunction with Illumina, Brand Timbre developed an Audio Identity Platform, which establishes detailed parameters for expressing Illumina's brand identity through music, sound design and voice. Based on this platform, Timbre developed an Audio Logo, a proprietary, aural mnemonic device that captures the essential spirit and vision of the Illumina brand. Timbre also developed a family of device-sonification assets to enhance the user experience for Illumina's newest desktop genetic sequencer, the groundbreaking NextSeq 500. Timbre's Audio Branding Strategy details other sound-based communication tactics that Illumina will roll out over the course of 2014.

"We were very excited to be contacted by Illumina's brand marketing team last year," said Jeff Poteet, Brand Timbre's cofounder and director of business development and client services. "What started as a conversation focused on product sonification quickly developed in to a much broader initiative that addressed the fundamental questions 'What does the Illumina brand sound like?' and, 'How can sound be leveraged to project Illumina's brand identity across all customer touch points?'"  

Using Sound to Aid, Differentiate

The NextSeq 500, the first and only DNA and RNA sequencer to bring genomes, exomes and transcriptomes to the desktop, was released in December of 2013. Brand Timbre developed a full suite of device sonification assets for the NextSeq 500, giving users helpful audio feedback. Illumina plans to integrate sonification assets into all future sequencers. "Like the researchers and medical professionals who rely on their instruments, Illumina is driven by a desire to help bring about life-changing breakthroughs in medicine," says Brian Rupp, Brand Timbre's co-founder and creative director. "Illumina's audio-branding initiative makes this shared ambition explicit on an emotional level, adding an engaging and innovative new dimension to the Illumina brand experience."

The completion of the project and launch of the NextSeq500 represents a nearly 14-month collaboration between Brand Timbre and Illumina. Future projects are in discussion between the two companies.

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