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October 03, 2012 10:03 ET

Brandery Demo Day Introduces New Class

Nationally Ranked Startup Accelerator Graduates 11 Startups; Hundreds Attend

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2012) - Cincinnati's nationally recognized consumer marketing accelerator, The Brandery, is holding a Demo Day at Great American Ballpark to showcase its latest class of graduates.

More than 350 attendees, including more than 150 potential investors, are attending the event.

"We believe this latest class of Brandery graduates is our strongest yet in terms of team strength, market validation and investor enthusiasm," says Mike Bott, Brandery general manager. "Our world-class mentors and partners seem to be validating that belief as well. There will no doubt be some big success stories in Brandery Class III."

Demo Day is the culmination of 12 weeks of intensive mentoring the founders received from dozens of investors, entrepreneurs and other experts, as well as teams from digital marketing agencies who helped the companies refine their investor and consumer appeal. (The full list of mentors can be found here.)

The 2012 class presenting today include: Andtix, CrowdHall, Flight Car, Impulcity, Modulus, OffTrack Planet, OnTract, Repp, Social Threader, SocStock, WooWho. Read more about them below.

About The Brandery
The Brandery is a Cincinnati-based nonprofit startup accelerator founded in 2010 by David Knox, Bryan Radtke, J.B. Kropp and Rob McDonald with the goal of supporting startups in technology-based consumer marketing. More than 60 mentors work with the companies. Good candidates are consumer-facing startups such as consumer Internet, media and entertainment companies that are based on technology platforms. It is a nationally ranked accelerator by Kauffman Foundation and Tech Cocktail and a founding member of the TechStars Network.

Class 1 included: Giftiki, LifeBlinx, VenturePax and Venue Agent.
Class 2 included: Choremonster, Roadtrippers, Rentshare, Stylezen, and Keepio.

Here is an overview of the 11 Brandery Graduates:

Flight Car

Problem: Travelers park at airports, and their cars just sit there and accumulate charges. Incoming travelers rent cars for high prices at their destinations.

Solution: Flight Car connects the two parties by establishing a marketplace that allows vehicle owners who have parked their cars at the airport to rent them to incoming travelers.

Founders: Rujul Zaparde, Kevin Petrovic, Shri Ganeshram

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Problem: Brands struggle to effectively build up and leverage their social media channels in meaningful ways.

Solution: SocialThreader provides a solution for brands to quickly aggregate and integrate the latest social content into the most relevant pages.

Founders: Vinay Murthy, Vikram Venkataraghavan

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Problem: 30% of development time is spent on configuring and maintaining servers, scaling an application, and supporting it rather than building a better product.

Solution: Modulus helps developers spend more time building and less time on infrastructure by providing a platform that offers scalable hosting, data and unparalleled metrics.

Founders: Charlie Key, Brandon Cannaday, Richard Key

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Problem: People and organizations can't have efficient two-way communication with large audiences.

Solution: CrowdHall is an online venue for crowd-sourced town halls.

Founders: Austin Hackett, Jordan Menzel, Nick Wientge

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Problem: Across our country student success is being held hostage by schools with out-of-date, hard-to-use systems. By the time the right information gets to parents, it is often mathematically impossible for the student to recover.

Solution: Ontract™ connects parents, educators and data in a new way to improve the odds of success for each and every student.

Founders: Julian Miller, Matt Duch

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Problem: American small businesses are having a hard time accessing affordable capital from traditional sources.

Solution: Socstock allows locally owned small businesses to harness the power of their communities to get zero-interest capital to fuel their growth.

Founders: Jay Finch, Jillian Zatta

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Problem: Online dating is a stressful, time-consuming process of long surveys and endless messaging without promise of a worthwhile meeting.

Solution: WooWho skips the online ordeal and gets you quickly to short, low pressure dates with quality people. Browse vetted individuals, pick who you're interested in, and we'll set up the time and place.

Founders: Andy Zhang, Sean Wen, George Lin

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Off Track Planet

Problem: Travel guide books are obsolete and online searches are still a scattered, time-consuming experience.

Solution: In the $100B travel market, Off Track Planet is reinventing the way young, sexy and broke jetsetters explore the world in a mobile era.

Founders: Freddie Pikovsky, Anna Starostinetskaya

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Problem: Every day, millions of people interact with complete strangers online, through places like dating sites, online marketplaces, and rental properties. Consumers don't have an easy way to know if someone is trustworthy, safe and legitimate.

Solution: REPP is an online identity and background management platform for individuals and service providers.

Founders: Michael Bergman, David Volker, BreeAnna Bergman

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Problem: People love getting together. However, organizing a group of people is never easy.

Solution: Andtix simplifies the group invitation process, allowing users to create and manage social gatherings in a personal and clever way.

Founders: Kurt Pettit, Caroline Barni

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Problem: Finding something to do sucks. Ever sites are outdated, full of ads and are missing the great local events.

Solution: Impulcity solves this with more than 1.7 million things to do, all recommended for you personally.

Founders: Hunter Hammonds, Austin Cameron

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