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June 27, 2013 08:05 ET

Brandimage Reimagines Brand Equity Design

Driving Performance by Making Brand Experiences More Distinctly Meaningful and Enduring

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 27, 2013) - Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, announced today that it has reimagined the idea of the strategic planning and creative expression of a brand's meaning, creating powerful, intuitive and iconic brand experiences that go beyond just what consumers see to define how they are felt.

Using new techniques and methods to uncover the deep emotional triggers that motivate consumer behavior, the agency has crafted an approach that considers how codes and behaviors in the culture, marketplace and in the sub-conscious of consumers themselves, create meaning. These can be used to define and articulate strategies and to design brand assets that appeal to these motivations to create and build equity.

As some of the world's most iconic brands demonstrate, by emphasizing the creation and definition of powerful brand stories based on deep universal meaning, it is possible for marketers to create brand desirability that transcends the fickle nature of trends and transforms brands from commodities to must-haves… sought out and requested by name. Brand experiences that are truly distinctive, ownable, engaging and memorable resonate deeply and enduringly with consumers because they are rooted in a fundamental emotional truth.

Lor Gold, chief creative officer for SGK, the parent company of Brandimage, explained, "Meaningful brands tell great stories, and like all great stories, they start with a recognition of fundamental human truths and needs. Great brand experiences should be designed to seduce consumers, not lead them astray, and to promise and deliver consistent value, connecting with them on a more human level, beyond what they see, to literally change the way they feel about the brand."

"Genuine empathy and understanding of consumer context makes a brand's promise to reward them with positive and fulfilling experiences, authentic," Gold continued. "When brands do this and deliver consistently, they build trust. Earned trust -- the simple reason that consumers believe in the brand -- is equity that defies commoditization."

Rob Swan, executive creative director and spokesman for the global Brandimage network, commented, "Brands that are designed to have purpose beyond rational benefits tell stories that connect with us on a more human level -- one that is complex, yet intuitive, distinct, yet familiar -- one that creates lifelong bonds, and is timelessly relevant and uniquely iconic. They invite people to become part of their story... they mean something."

Brandimage is a global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers. Brandimage creates brands that drive brand performance. Brandimage is part of the brand development group of SGK (NYSE: SGK), formerly marketed as Schawk, Inc. For more information visit:

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