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March 21, 2007 16:26 ET

Branding Opportunities Abound With Web2Corp WBTO

Web2Corp Offers Comprehensive, Scalable Social Media Packages

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 21, 2007 -- It's been all over the news and practically everywhere on TV; social media is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the power of word of mouth to let your customers do the marketing for you. From events like Dorito's Super Bowl ad contest, where an ad that was shot for around $12 aired during the Super Bowl, to Time magazine naming social media and "You" the Person of the Year for 2006, the "wisdom of the crowds" is being harnessed to highlight brands and generate revenue for big name companies all across the world.

Any business can benefit from a well-crafted Web 2.0 presence. Such a website goes beyond simple static homepages of the '90s and lets the company and the customers interact. From monoliths like Google all the way down to the boutique dressmaker down the street, allowing customers to do a lot of the heavy lifting of advertising seems to be the way that the industry is going. Creating a good website or finding a company that can create a customized and scalable package quickly is a major obstacle for many.

Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO) has both the experience in creating Web 2.0 tools and the ability to quickly create sites that are tailored to order and ready for use. The popular Indian search engine spent only 30 days after being acquired by Web2Corp before it was re-launched with a full set of social media tools including photo and video hosting, auctions, classifieds, and a dynamic news page, all of which have helped boost the site's popularity incredibly since the re-launch in late October to where it is now India's #1 search engine and social network.

Web2Corp also has a variety of different ways that businesses can create sites to serve their customers. "The Chamber of E-Commerce is our budget turn-key e-commerce solution," says William Mobley, CEO of Web2Corp, "and is probably the kind of website creation that we're best known for. We also work with other businesses such as to create entire customized applications that allow them to serve their customer's needs by building a social media site that does exactly what they want, how they want it. We've seen both extremes of scalability, from someone who wants to sell fireworked beads online to a corporation that is looking to sell thousands of items a day. Our wide variety of experience in creating sites that make consumer marketing easy for the business, from tiny sites to huge, has made us an easy choice for other companies looking for solutions to their web application needs."

About Web2Corp:

Web2Corp is a Web 2.0 internet technology development firm dedicated to rapid creation and adaptation of technologies. Web2Corp addresses new markets of users by creating and simplifying useful products, reducing the level of user technical skills required, and lowering prices for consumers.

Web 2.0 technologies have become increasingly popular, with the use of Web 2.0 applications such as e-commerce or blogs up more than 25% over the last year, according to comScore networks. The Web 2.0 market generates more than 20 billion dollars of revenue a year, with well-known companies like,,,,, and making up the majority of the income.

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