December 06, 2006 09:41 ET

BrandIntel Mid-Season Fall TV Report Shows That ABC and CBS Have Surpassed NBC in Positive Sentiment for New Fall Shows

NBC Maintains Top Ranking Based on Consumer-Generated Content

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - December 06, 2006) - BrandIntel, a leader in consumer and market intelligence solutions, today announced the release of an updated mid-season television research report that analyzes online consumer discussion and sentiment since the season began in September. The new BrandIntel report found NBC's show "Heroes" has overtaken "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" for the top overall ranking for new shows due to its domination of online consumer discussion share. While NBC has maintained the highest audience engagement and discussion volume for its crop of new fall programs, it is third to ABC and CBS in average consumer sentiment.

The "Updated Fall Schedule Report" follows the July 2006 "Fall Schedule Report" in which BrandIntel tracked and analyzed online television discussions around fall television series launches. The new report's findings highlight 2006 fall shows and networks that are generating the most positive conversations and sentiment within online consumer-generated content. A total of 21 shows from NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX were ranked in terms of sentiment score and audience discussion share. BrandIntel's LinkMap™ tracked more than 4.2 million raw search hits on the Internet but refined those results through technological filters and human analysis to utilize only the most relevant content for this study. Rankings were determined by a weighted combination of discussion share and sentiment for comments recorded the week following each show's respective premiere.

"With consumer sentiment always changing, being able to monitor that constant shift in real-time is a true competitive advantage, especially in such a high-paced market as the TV network industry," said Bradley Silver, president of BrandIntel. "Through our tracking and analysis of consumer discussion share and sentiment, we are providing network executives with invaluable insight into viewers' minds. The end result is being able to make better-informed business decisions around marketing messages, campaigns, storylines and time slots."

Top ten TV show rankings based on the report included:

Share of
Mid-Season Pre-launch Audience Sentiment
Ranking Show Title Ranking Discussion Score
1 Heroes (NBC) 2 25.4% 3.97
2 Ugly Betty (ABC) 5 13.7% 3.82
3 Studio 60 (NBC) 1 10.2% 3.72
4 Jericho (CBS) 6 6.1% 3.53
5 Shark (CBS) 14 5.8% 3.44
6 Friday Night
Lights (NBC) 7 5.3% 3.62
7 30 Rock (NBC) 3 4.4% 3.22
8 The Nine (ABC) 4 3.7% 3.42
9 Brothers and
Sisters (ABC) 12 2.9% 3.42
10 Standoff (FOX) 20 2.8% 3.43

Using award-winning Internet monitoring technology combined with the power of human analysis, BrandIntel detects, analyzes and generates intelligence on tens of thousands of relevant comments about television shows and other media products on a daily basis. The company scans the entire scope of the Internet and analyzes the most pertinent content to measure for assigned sentiment scores and share of discussion, rating the physical and emotional value of the results (positive or negative) to produce the relevant categorization records of information in all of its reports.

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