May 02, 2013 06:15 ET

Brands Moving from East to West Must Obtain Sufficient Intelligence to Ensure an Effective Launch to Market, Advises Cint

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - May 2, 2013) - With the trend of eastern brands launching in the West set to continue, Cint, a provider of access to hundreds of online panels, advises those looking to expand into developed markets to carefully gather and analyze enough appropriate market insight to ensure their launches are successful.

Chinese brands, in particular, have had greater success in Latin America and the Middle East, where acceptance is higher than in the more-crowded, western markets. This illustrates that a better understanding of the audience is required to get a foothold in the US or Europe. Specifically, cultural and political considerations must be taken into account as well as what marketing channels are most effective to deliver the messages that best resonate.

Nevertheless, there are a number of eastern brands pushing aggressively to win over westerners. Towards the end of 2012, Huawei, a Chinese telecoms company launched an awareness-building campaign to target western consumers as part of its bid to build its brand in 45 markets. Best practices gained from campaigns such as this, in addition to research of the marketplace utilizing the target audience via effective survey sampling, will help new brands looking to make a move to the West. This engagement provides an in-depth understanding of the consumer base to inform both business and marketing strategies.

Bo Mattsson, CEO of Cint, commented: "Any brand moving into a new geographical area should obtain data to understand the market opportunities and consumer motivations. However, when large cultural and political differences are involved, the level of market intelligence required to discern the landscape is increased. A successful launch to market can easily set the path for a brand to flourish or fail, so prior to any expansion, brands should consider as much research as possible; acquiring opinions direct from target audience members is very valuable strategic evidence.

"DIY market research tools that have access to millions of respondents globally, such as Cint Access, are not only cost effective to use, but they are also a remarkably quick and simple way of gathering insights directly from consumers overseas. Whether one relevant market research panel or a very specific demographic is required, users can simply launch a study and gather the results in a matter of days."

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