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Sony Ericsson

September 09, 2010 07:30 ET

Brands Must Recognise Social Media as Next Important Gaming Platform

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2010) - With social media gaming on the rise, it is becoming increasingly clear that brands are not doing enough to develop brand-focused social games such as internet pinball, according to Sony Ericsson.

A survey, conducted by the NPD Group, has revealed that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. aged 6 or older are reported to have played a game on a social network such as Facebook over the past three months. The results of the study highlight the significant number of people interested in the social gaming world, which has grown significantly over the past couple of years.

Looking back at gaming as a whole, it has changed considerably, and social media is proving to be the next big gaming platform. A game was once a fun activity shared amongst the family in the living room but, today, the family or sitting room is being replaced by Facebook as the key gaming environment. Family and friends are interacting and competing against each other by playing games on social networks and it is clear that brands are not acting upon this – they are not doing enough to reflect this change in gaming culture. 

Because the popularity of social gaming is increasing, Sony Ericsson has suggested brands should be using this surge in popularity as an opportunity to engage gaming enthusiasts by developing brand-focused games. If the right game is chosen, this could have a knock-on effect on the size of the brand's online community. For example, a popular Facebook game could quite easily attract a significant number of new users to the brand; an example of this can be seen in Sony Ericsson's computer pinball game, Emusicon Pinball.

Ben Padley, Head of Digital and CRM for Sony Ericsson, commented: "Brands need to be aware that social gaming is a growing trend. We decided to develop our free online pinball game following the clear emergence of Facebook as a popular gaming platform. It was initially created to serve as an enjoyable activity and a method of engaging the Sony Ericsson fans and it has been greatly received by players all over the world due to its fun and simplistic nature."

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