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July 20, 2015 15:58 ET

Branto Orb Is Unveiled on Indiegogo Today

The First Smart Home With Full Remote Presence

DOVER, DE--(Marketwired - July 20, 2015) - Company Branto launched a campaign on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform with Branto Orb: a personal smart assistant that supports cutting-edge level of communications (full remote presence) with your home or office, advanced security and appliances control.

Branto Orb is a device that allows you to look differently at the world (through the glasses of augmented reality); it also changes your lifestyle by opening interactive features of controlling your home or office.

You and your spouse are thousands of miles away from home. Your mother is there with her three young grandchildren, but you can't stop worrying about your kids. You also know that no one will be at home during the day. 'I wish I didn't worry so much about my kids and the security of my home,' you think to yourself.

Your worries -- and the worries of millions of other people -- could be over soon if a unique product reaches the market. The product is a home-monitoring robot that can communicate with you regardless of where you are. It can rotate around so you can see full panorama view in every room of your house, can warn you about problems such as water or gas leaks, and can control all of your appliances while you're away.

The product isn't on the market, but it could be soon because the company that invented the device, Branto Inc., just announced that it will seek crowdfunding support for its cutting-edge device via Indiegogo platform.

"The crowdfunding campaign to help bring Branto to market will begin on July 20th," Branto Inc. CEO Max Mets announced. "We are confident that investors, venture capitalists, and just ordinary people who are interested in a technology that could help millions of people will help us raise enough money to bring Branto to market," M. Mets said.

Branto Inc. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Nick Bogun said that the company has been developing Branto for three years. Pre-production prototypes have been built and shown to technology experts at the Hardware Battlefield and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2015. The experts were impressed, said Nick Bogun.

The experts were impressed for many reasons. Among other things, Branto has a unique Full HD camera that rotates 360 degrees so you can see everything in your home, bi-directional microphones that allow you to hear everything that is going on in your home, and has the ability to talk to you via high-quality speakers.

"Branto can be the eyes, ears, voice and even hands of millions of homeowners," said Nick Bogun.

Branto is also ready to offer:

  • Videoconferencing - The camera can also connects to a TV to let you make video calls from home;
  • Security - The night-vision video camera, plus motion and sound detectors, let Branto operate as a home security system, notifying you if there's suspicious movement or noise in your home and sending you video footage;
  • Infrared Control - A transmitter lets you control your television and any other infrared devices like an air conditioner or media center so you can ditch your standard remotes;
  • Audiostreaming - Branto can stream music, radio, and audiobooks, either through its dedicated speaker or through external speakers its connected to;
  • Smart Appliances Control - Lights, sockets, thermostats, and more can be operated via Branto.

Branto Inc. is technologically ready to manufacture Branto Orb in mass quantities, but needs the support of investors to do so. The people who support Branto Inc.'s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo will be the first consumers of Branto Orb.

The financial potential of a product like Branto Orb is huge. Virtual/augmented reality devices such as the Google Glass next generation products, Facebook's Oculus Rift, and Microsoft's HoloLens have already had tremendous success. Experts forecast that augmented reality devices could bring in $120 billion in revenue annually by 2020 and virtual reality devices could bring in $30 billion annually.

Branto could be the next great virtual/augmented reality device. It opens new possibilities for communication because it makes communicating with your loved ones while they're at home and you're at your office or on a business trip much easier than previous technological devices. You can also be involved in an important meeting via Branto while you're thousands of miles away.

The market is waiting for a product like Branto Orb. It is more than "smart." It's the Albert Einstein of home devices. You can operate it via remote control no matter where you are. You only need a smartphone to download an app that will let you control Branto so it will give you 360 degrees coverage of every room in your home.

Currently, many people have several single-use smart devices. How much does it cost to have so many products? Isn't this a big hassle? Branto integrates the most widely-used applications of single-use smart devices into one multifunction, integrated smart device. It's a home security device. It's a media streaming device. It's an infrared blaster and hub that controls televisions, DVRs, computers and other technological devices.

"The Branto makes the Jetsons look like they were living in a backwards civilization," said Max Mets. "A home with a Branto is the smart home of the future."

You can also create a smart network of two, three, or four Branto's that will enable you to see every part of your home more expeditiously. Max Mets also notes that the Branto supports ZigBee 2.0, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth peripheral to control sensors and smart appliances.

Branto's versatility means that consumers can save a lot of money by buying one smart device rather than several. Max Mets said the Branto will cost less than $300 for first Indiegogo contributors.

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