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January 08, 2015 02:46 ET

Branto: The First Smart Home With Full Remote Presence at Hardware Battlefield 2015

DOVER, DE--(Marketwired - January 08, 2015) - Smart home devices are a hot topic -- but that doesn't mean they're actually a hot product. In reality, only 10 percent of US households have at least one smart home device, while 62 percent aren't even familiar with smart home products or services. That means the majority simply doesn't understand what these smart home devices do or why they would need one.

With Branto, we plan to change that. We want to pump up those weak statistics and bring Branto to everyone. Find us on Kickstarter.

Branto is a portable and stylish high-tech smart home device that draws attention to itself. TechCrunch handpicked Branto to participate in Hardware Battlefield 2015. That's how we got at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Branto, Inc., the company behind the brainy device, will likewise be making its official debut at the show.

What Makes Branto So Special?

Calling Branto a smart home device is accurate, although it comes stocked with loads of features that go far beyond most typical smart home devices. Branto has the power to serve as your remote presence in your home, letting you see, hear, review and speak to anyone or anything around the device. Its capabilities extend to cover home security, housekeeping and entertainment, controlling smart devices you already own or are planning to purchase.

Branto's built-in cellular module and accumulator helps make it totally self-sufficient, and it continues to function even if your home's electricity and network go down.

One of its smartest features is the quick and easy setup. For Branto's complete installation, all you need is a single minute and four simple steps:

  • Remove Branto from the box
  • Install the Branto application on a smartphone
  • Enter your Wi-Fi login and password
  • Bring the QR code to the Branto camera and wait for the "green wink"

Remote Presence

Branto enables you to have a remote presence in your home, no matter how close or far you actually may be. Branto combines a high-end camera with two multi-directional microphones, each covering a zone of 180 degrees. This lets you not only see but also hear everything that goes on in your home. The camera's high-speed rotating mechanism gives you a convenient and natural overview, while the use of HD video (720p) and H.264 video compression codec achieves and even greater effect of presence.

Controlling the Branto camera is incredibly simple, with the option of using:

  • Your smartphone, with a user-friendly touch interface for positioning
  • Google glass, where you simply rotate the head


Place Branto in the conference room of your office and you can fully participate in meetings from a remote location. You'll have the opportunity to observe each speaker, regardless of where they're sitting or standing in the conference room. Your image will be broadcast on the TV screen, with Branto supporting protocols that include DLNA, Wi-Di or Miracast.


Branto provides you with a cutting-edge security system that includes:

  • A movement detector that looks for, captures and then notifies you of suspicious activity, sending a link to the recorded video
  • A sound detector on alert for noises like breaking glass, creaking doors or the clanging of locks
  • Night vision mode for viewing activities taking place in the dark
  • A camera hidden under a dark, impenetrable dome, a setup that protects the camera and makes it invisible to intruders
  • A built-in battery and mobile communication unit that allows Branto to perform all security functions and keep you updated, even with the loss of power or Wi-Fi


Branto is big on privacy, thanks to features that include:

  • The same type of powerful, two-factor authentication used by Google
  • Strong encryption of transferred data
  • Strong encryption of stored data
  • A permanent LED that lights up to alert you if the camera or microphone is active and someone is using Branto for watching or listening purposes
  • An external wireless data storage unit that lets you store data from your personal computer or laptop using a secure cloud
  • A unique X.509 certificate embedded into each Branto device

Streaming Music/Audiobooks

Branto brings your music and audiobooks to life, streaming audio content you would usually play on your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Let Branto take the helm and you'll enjoy high-quality, stereo sound.

Home Control

General housekeeping duties can also fall under Branto's watch, with features that include:

  • Universal remote control for TV, media center, air conditioner and other electronic devices
  • ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth control of smart appliances

For more information on Branto, please look for Branto on Kickstarter You can also use our press kit, email or visit our website

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