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March 09, 2010 08:30 ET

Brazen Careerist Launches Social Idea-Based Resumes for Generation Y Professionals

MADISON, WI--(Marketwire - March 9, 2010) -  Brazen Careerist, the leading social network for Generation Y professionals, today launched Social Resumes, the first active, live resume that highlights candidate ideas, thoughts and future plans as much their past experience. The application helps younger candidates compete more effectively by overcoming an unlevel career playing field that gives preference to years of experience, and helps recruiters discover candidates who are on the verge of becoming stars.

High unemployment rates across the globe have changed the hiring landscape, driving people to use career management tools that differentiate themselves in the candidate pool. Forty-two percent of adults in the U.S. with internet access maintain a profile on a social networking site, according to Forrester Research, and according to JobVite, eighty percent of companies use or plan to use social networks for recruiting. Until now, companies relied on either static resumes or less professional social networks, but Brazen Careerist solves these problems by providing dynamic, conversation-based candidate summaries in a professional setting.

A static resume often undermines a candidate due to its backward-looking nature and emphasis on either experience or connections with previous colleagues. Instead of being reflective, Brazen Careerist's Social Resumes empower candidates to showcase their best ideas and thinking that will lead to future action. Brazen Careerist's proprietary feed and curation technologies allow candidates to first aggregate their relevant online content from leading social networks or blog posts, and then highlight their current thinking and ideas by easily displaying the content that best represents their professional potential. With Brazen Careerist's Social Resume, candidates show more of their true selves and conversations instantly turn into a hiring tool for recruiters.

"New hires tell us that our people are the greatest draw to Deloitte," said Diane Borhani, Deloitte's Recruiting Director. "Using new social media channels, we are bringing our people and potential recruits closer to one another, enabling a more direct relationship that positively impacts our recruiting efforts."

Having just introduced its first in the industry streaming news feed and the debut of Employer Brand Pages, the Social Resume is the latest evolution of the Brazen Careerist platform. In the last six months, Brazen Careerist has seen its membership base grow by more than 600%, with a parallel increase in user engagement as members now generate more than 100,000 career-focused updates every month. 

With Brazen Careerist, recruiters can easily find candidates who are articulate, thoughtful, and forward-looking in their industry. The viral nature of conversation on Brazen Careerist means that one candidate introduction can lead to many others, of similar caliber, in a short period of time. The Social Resume allows recruiters to identify top candidates in a more cost-effective way than starting with a static sheet of paper.

"The new workforce is about knowledge management. So you had better be known for your ideas, otherwise no one will know why they should hire you," said Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist. "With Brazen Careerist, candidates can join a professional conversation that translates to a dynamic resume and a professional network to build a stable career."

"Typically, top-tier candidates at the beginning of their careers are difficult to find. Brazen Careerist gives these candidates a way to self-identify in a true-to-life format," said Ed Barrientos, CEO of Brazen Careerist. "We're providing a way for recruiters to find high-potential candidates in a more efficient way through a social network that rewards both high-performers and the companies that focus on recruiting them."

About Brazen Careerist
Brazen Careerist ( is the leading social network for Generation Y professionals. The site uses social networking to showcase job seekers' ideas and potential as a complement to their background and experience and "levels the playing field" for Generation Y by reversing the disadvantage these candidates have faced on other online career sites where experienced Gen Xers and Baby Boomers appear more employable. For recruiters and hiring managers, Brazen Careerist offers unique deep insight into the critical thinking skills, ideas, knowledge, and peer influence of high performing Generation Y candidates whose potential would not be discoverable from a traditional online resume.

For more information on Social Resumes, please visit the Brazen Careerist Social Resume reference page.

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