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August 25, 2009 08:30 ET

Brazen Careerist Launches Social Networking Career Site for Generation Y

Career Management Toolset Showcases Ideas Over Experience and Levels the Playing Field

MADISON, WI--(Marketwire - August 25, 2009) - Brazen Careerist,, the professional network for Generation Y and the people who want to hire them, today announced the launch of a new career management site that gives professionals a better way to manage their careers.

Through the real-world examples of its members, Brazen Careerist has demonstrated that young professionals increase their business effectiveness and career success by using social networks. Brazen Careerist makes young professionals visible to top-choice employers through an ideas-based resume, and allows them to build an invaluable network of peers with a customized, professional feed, making it easy for Generation Y to level the playing field against more experienced candidates.

Brazen Careerist's co-founder and CEO, Penelope Trunk, has spent the last decade writing career advice to Generation Y through her nationally syndicated column, her book and her blog, which has 40,000 subscribers. Using her own career path as a model for her trailblazing ideas, she now has given her Brazen Careerist brand directly to this new generation.

"Traditional career management sites don't allow users to express themselves, become known for their ideas, find a voice or find out who they are," said Trunk. "In contrast to the static resume approach, Brazen Careerist allows professionals to present a dynamic picture of their strengths -- not just their experience. The result is the ability to find a career that's financially rewarding and that you truly love, which is the most important thing. That's what you learn to do on Brazen Careerist."

Your Ideas Are Your Resume

For less experienced workers, ideas are a better indicator of how they will perform than their experience is. Brazen Careerist dismisses the traditional online resume approach and replaces it with a job-seeker profile that has a social "idea feed." After creating a free account, members fill in basic information on their goals, interests and specialties; import their blog feed, Twitter feed and other social links, and network with an active community of their fellow peers. All of this networking activity is then aggregated to create their social idea feed.

"It's a self-expressive feed like the one on Facebook or your blog," said Ryan Healy, co-founder of Brazen Careerist. "The difference is you benefit professionally by keeping it distinct from your personal posts on Facebook. Brazen Careerist helps you bring your professional ideas to the forefront so that you're no longer limited by your experience and background."

Because of its social networking DNA, Brazen Careerist gives members not only a place where hiring managers can see their ideas in action, but a member-base that really networks, and a place to practice developing a unique voice that employers want.

An Established Community

Brazen Careerist's early success building a community of marketers and entrepreneurs who have strong communications and social media skills, shows the large opportunity that Brazen Careerist can take advantage of. For example, Generation Y is acutely aware of the benefits of networking to build a stable career, but to Generation Y, networking means more than just uploading a bunch of contacts to a list -- Generation Y wants conversation. While other career sites are good for managing contacts, Brazen Careerist mirrors the most successful way that people build networks: through conversations.

Each generation has had their own way of getting a job. Baby boomers used newspapers. Generation Jones used Generation X uses LinkedIn. Brazen Careerist provides a set of social media-based tools for Generation Y to have the conversation-based networking, and collaborative, peer-to-peer career management they are looking for.

"In order to build a powerful brand and achieve career success, a strong professional and personal network is a requirement, especially in a world where the future is uncertain. Gen-Y'ers finally have a place where they can gather, share ideas, form meaningful relationships based on shared interests and, most of all, be themselves," said Dan Schawbel, personal branding expert and author of "Me 2.0" and a member of the Brazen Careerist network. "With, Gen-Y'ers can work together to achieve their dreams cooperatively, while having fun and contributing value to the world at large. By joining this network, you've taken one giant career leap in the right direction!"

Facts, Figures and Trends

For recruiters and hiring managers, the Brazen Careerist profile and associated recruiting tools offer unique deep insight into the critical thinking skills, ideas, knowledge, and peer influence of Generation Y candidates whose potential would not be discoverable from an online resume. Later this year, Brazen Careerist will launch a corporate section catering to the recession-era trend of companies shifting from job-specific recruiting to pipeline-based recruiting.

Brazen Careerist's early success is propelled by several key trends affecting today's professionals:

--  Regular turnover and job hopping cause professionals to view
    themselves as "free agents"
--  Generation Y thinks of networking as a dynamic conversation
--  The economic downturn is causing companies to shift from job-specific
    recruiting to pipeline-based recruiting
--  45 percent of employers report they use social networking sites to
    research candidates (CareerBuilder survey, April 2009)

Over the past three years, Brazen Careerist has built a large client base by helping more than 100 companies achieve their recruiting goals through social media. In preparation for the launch of its corporate section, Brazen Careerist is actively on-boarding companies looking to recruit Generation Y.

About Brazen Careerist

Brazen Careerist is a Generation Y-targeted career site that uses social networking to showcase job seekers' ideas and potential over their background and experience. Brazen Careerist "levels the playing field" for Generation Y by reversing the disadvantage these candidates have faced on other online career sites where experienced Gen Xers and Baby Boomers appear more employable. For recruiters and hiring managers, Brazen Careerist will offer unique deep insight into the critical thinking skills, ideas, knowledge, and peer influence of high performing Generation Y candidates whose potential would not be discoverable from an online resume. For more information and to join the network, go to

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