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April 05, 2012 10:00 ET

Brazil Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics at FIOCRUZ Chooses Convey to Advance Genomics

Convey HC-1ex Accelerates Current Bioinformatics Research, Allows Additional Research Opportunities, Reduces Power Consumption

RICHARDSON, TX--(Marketwire - Apr 5, 2012) - Convey Computer announced today that CEBio (Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics) has deployed the Convey HC-1ex hybrid-core computer to upgrade its bioinformatics capabilities. Part of Brazil's prestigious FIOCRUZ organization, CEBio brings genomics and cutting-edge bioinformatics to Brazil's rapidly growing biotech and health care sectors.

The new Convey system will enable CEBio to substantially accelerate bioinformatics applications and extend its ability to solve computationally intensive problems. "We evaluated several platforms and are excited to be using the Convey hybrid-core system," said Dr. Guilherme Oliveira, CEBio coordinator, president of the Brazilian Association for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and member of the Board of the International Society for Computational Biology. "Speed and power consumption were our top reasons for selecting the Convey system."

According to Oliveira, assembly of large genomes for species like bovine and swine are especially demanding. "We've had assemblies we couldn't complete on our 256-node cluster simply because they were taking too long. Additionally, the number of species and the amount of data we work with is growing rapidly, and we are venturing into transcriptomics as well," explained Dr. Oliveira. "We are thrilled to have the Convey system help us take advantage of these new opportunities."

The new system will also help CEBio reduce its carbon footprint because the HC-1ex requires substantially less power, space, and cooling than a comparable cluster. "Electricity is expensive; therefore, we wanted to contain our costs. But it was also important to us to be ecologically responsible. The Convey system helps us meet this goal," said Dr. Oliveira.

"We are delighted to be working with CEBio and Dr. Oliveira to help deliver the enormous value of modern genomics to the region," said Dr. George Vacek, Director of Convey Computer's Life Sciences business unit. "CEBio's choice of the Convey HC-1ex is another example of Convey's growing global reach and of the confidence the bioinformatics community is showing in Convey's innovative hybrid-core systems."

Convey's hybrid-core architecture pairs classic Intel® x86 microprocessors with a coprocessor comprised of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Particular algorithms -- DNA sequence assembly, for example -- are optimized and translated into code that is loaded onto the FPGAs at runtime. For further acceleration, Convey systems feature a highly parallel memory subsystem that removes memory bottlenecks inherent to commodity servers. For example, the Convey GraphConstructor (CGC) accelerates construction and manipulation of de Bruijn graphs commonly used in short-read genome assembly applications. Additional performance and workflow optimizations include a fast kmer counting tool that allows quick identification of optimal kmer length and coverage cutoffs for de novo assembly.

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CEBio is part of one of the FIOCRUZ units located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. CEBio networks extensively with academia, in Brazil and worldwide, and with the industry on a wide range of projects. CEBio has substantial and increasing next generation DNA sequence capacity and HPC solutions for data analysis.
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