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November 14, 2011 06:30 ET

Breakeven Inc. Partners With Admeris to Launch Mobile Donation Software

Recent Natural Disasters and Difficult Economic Environment Highlight Important Need for Non-Profits to Support Causes through Mobile Channel

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 14, 2011) -

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Admeris is pleased to announce their partnership with Breakeven Inc., a game-changing provider of Cloud computing solutions for nonprofit organizations. Its CauseView platform is a cost-effective and intuitive way for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to develop, track and maintain long-term relationships necessary to sustain fundraising and engage volunteers.

In June, a Kaptivate Group study noted that half of all nonprofits will adopt mobile in 2012 to drive donations. In the US alone, mobile is fast becoming today's preferred donation method with nearly 300 million mobile users and smartphones outnumbering computers three to one. Mobile donations have already started to displace previous records when compared to online donations. In its second year, online donations raised $300,000 followed by $10 million in the third year. However, mobile donations raised $500,000 in the first year and close to $40 million in the third year. The most interesting trend to date based on Kaptivate's report confirms that the mobile web is growing while SMS connectivity as a method for mobile donations is waning. According to a Quorus Research study, 75% of "interested" donors would give $20 or more and 32% would give $50 or more if they were not hindered by SMS text donations which limit the donor amounts to $5 and $10 only.

Breakeven's CauseView application was developed for use with the, an award-winning customer relationship management service, and is specially configured to meet the needs of nonprofits to sync their website, database and payment gateway in a simple, efficient and effective manner. CauseView's key benefits include its cloud integration, allowing users to view, share and edit all their data in one place, online and accessible from anywhere. For NPOs, the end result is maximized productivity and lower infrastructure costs.

Jim Brown, VP Business Development for Admeris said, "Nonprofits have hidden challenges beyond meeting fundraising targets which include limited resources to leverage new channels and perceived expense in adopting and maintaining a mobile presence. Admeris' secure OneTouch mobile payment platform makes it easy for mobile users to donate easily and securely without the need for any account. For Breakeven Inc. a few lines of code are all that is needed to implement secure OneTouch mobile phone payment pages through its cloud-based CauseView platform. Now donors can donate any amount they wish for a cause and even setup a recurring donation relationship if they wish. NPO's benefit by gaining additional information such as email and physical address information to help build an ongoing relationship with a donor."

Ian Hayes, President for Breakeven Inc. added, "We've seen a dramatic rise in demand for mobile donations and we researched the market extensively for mobile payment solutions that would help us. Admeris' full end-to-end secure mobile payment platform allows us to use their online and mobile payment gateway solution to process donations through our CauseView platform. We're excited to take the lead in mobile giving because we believe in changing the world by connecting people to meaningful causes".

The completed integration of Admeris' secure mobile platform with the ClearView Cloud-based platform, will be available at the Association of Fundraising Professionals' (AFP) Greater Toronto Chapter's annual Congress and Showcase 2011, held on November 28-30th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Hall C.

About Breakeven Inc.

Breakeven Inc. is a game-changing provider of Cloud computing solutions for nonprofit organizations, focused on maximizing their fundraising capabilities using the fewest possible resources. By leveraging top Cloud-based applications - CauseView and - Breakeven's mission is to make fundraising as simple as possible, to help nonprofits communicate with their supporters and build strong constituent relationships. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Breakeven serves many nonprofit organizations across North America.

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