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October 19, 2005 07:00 ET

Breaking News: Human BioSystems Initial Organ Preservation Survival Test Results-Much Better Than Leading European Gold Standard; HTK

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 19, 2005) - Human BioSystems (OTCBB:HBSC) announces today that it was successful in completing the initial phase of the survival study of animals with transplanted kidneys preserved using the Company's HBS Organ Preservation Solution. In comparison to kidneys stored in a solution presently considered the medical gold standard in Europe (and quickly gaining acceptance in the U.S.) named the "HTK" solution, the HBS solution is showing significantly better results than the HTK solution.

"In the survival studies conducted here, 80% of the rats with kidneys preserved in the HBS solution survived for more than seven days, whereas none of the same number of rats with kidneys preserved in the HTK solution survived more than four days," said Dr. Fernando Lopez, HBS Senior Research Scientist.

"In this study, the rat kidneys were preserved in the HBS solution for 12 hours at +4 degrees C and the same number of rat kidneys were preserved under the same conditions with the HTK solution. After storage in their respective solutions, the kidneys were re-transplanted back into the animals, one into each rat, while keeping the rat's second un-transplanted kidney intact and in place for 7 days. Then the second un-transplanted native kidney was removed," explained Dr. Luis Toledo, Chief Medical Officer for HBS. "The second kidney was left intact for a period of time to allow the transplanted kidney time to recover, much like dialysis does in human kidney transplants," continued Dr. Toledo.

Dr. Toledo explained that using the model for rat kidney preservation is more sensitive to cold ischemia (lack of blood) than for human kidneys as far as preservation time is concerned. "A rat kidney preserved for 12 hours appears to be equivalent to preserving a human kidney for 30 hours," according to Dr. Toledo. "That is the reason we started to use a shorter preservation time for rats to correspond to 30 hours for human kidneys."

Dr. Toledo stated, "Our preliminary observations indicate that the HBS solution is showing better results than the HTK solution, the European gold standard, based on the pilot survival study we conducted on the test animals."

"Ultimately, if this holds true for the whole study, the HBS solution could be very beneficial for human kidneys and we can expect a higher success rate for kidney transplants, which could save cost and save lives," said Dr. David Winter, HBS President.

HBS is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with research facilities in Michigan.

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