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January 18, 2011 09:47 ET

BreakingPoint Arms Global Organizations to Win Cyber War, Leading to Record Revenue Growth in 2010

Global Enterprises, Service Providers, Governments, and Equipment Vendors Turn to BreakingPoint to Harden Networks and Data Centers Against Pervasive Cyber Attack

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - January 18, 2011) - BreakingPoint announced today that the company drove 76 percent year-over-year revenue growth in 2010. The year was highlighted by the introduction of the BreakingPoint Storm Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM)™, the world's first cyber range in a box, with the ability to re-create Internet-scale cyber warfare in a controlled environment in order to harden the resiliency of global networks and data centers. This cyber range capability fueled BreakingPoint's growth among enterprise, service provider, and government customers, which are transforming their IT operations to fight and win the ongoing global cyber war. In addition, BreakingPoint continued to solidify the company's role as a technology standard for network equipment manufacturers committed to enhancing the resiliency of next-generation devices.

BreakingPoint Systems 2010 Business Highlights

  • BreakingPoint's 76 percent annual revenue growth in 2010 allowed the company to reach 12 consecutive quarters -- and counting -- of record revenue growth.
  • BreakingPoint was awarded a patent for its breakthrough in network processor technology, which powers the BreakingPoint Storm CTM.
  • BreakingPoint grew its global customer base by 38 percent:
    • BreakingPoint was selected by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. European Command, Northrop Grumman, and others to deliver high-profile military-grade cyber ranges, which provide rapidly deployable, low-maintenance, operationally relevant environments to train cyber warriors and harden network and data center infrastructures.
    • BreakingPoint was chosen by Fortune 500 enterprises to measure, harden, and optimize the resiliency of their network and data center infrastructures.
    • BreakingPoint has become the de facto standard for content-aware evaluation of network equipment devices for nearly every device vendor, including Cisco, Crossbeam, Enterasys, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, and others.
  • The BreakingPoint Storm CTM was selected for the prestigious Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) Showcase and the American Security Challenge and was awarded Best in Show at FOSE/GovSec 2010.
  • The BreakingPoint Resiliency Score™, launched at RSA Conference 2010, has become a new standard for measuring the performance, security, and stability of network and data center infrastructures. Test & Measurement World recognized this innovation as a finalist for its Product of the Year.

BreakingPoint CEO Des Wilson Comments on Company Growth and Mission
"Global cyber war became a recognized and persistent threat in 2010 as organized nation-states, cyber terrorists, and rogue hacktivists assaulted global enterprises, service providers, and governments. The damage ran the gamut from billions of dollars in lost business to leakage of sensitive data. As the damage mounted, organizations shifted their IT mission from simply deflecting cyber attacks, to arming themselves to win cyber war. Organizations began to follow the lead of the defense industrial base and deploy cyber ranges in order to evolve from a reactive IT entity into a proactive force."

Mr. Wilson continued, "Cyber ranges, the equivalent of physical firing ranges used by soldiers to hone their skills, simulate both benign application traffic and real-world cyber attacks in a controlled environment. By introducing the BreakingPoint Storm CTM, we have provided the world's most compact and cost-efficient cyber range. Fortune 500 organizations and the world's largest governments can now replicate an assault against their own network and data center infrastructures with hundreds of applications, thousands of attacks, and millions of users. The resulting intelligence provides a road map to harden infrastructure elements against attack, a standardized product Resiliency Score to hold equipment vendors accountable, and the skill set necessary for IT professionals to confront and eradicate threats that endanger every modern organization."

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BreakingPoint is the standard by which the world's governments, enterprises, and service providers measure and harden the resiliency of their network and data center infrastructures. BreakingPoint's patented network processor architecture powers the world's first and only Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM) to expose previously impossible-to-detect stress fractures within network and data center infrastructures before they are exploited to compromise customer data, corporate assets, brand reputation, and even national security. For more information, visit

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