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December 06, 2010 08:30 ET

BreakingPoint Chosen by U.S. European Command to Measure and Harden Network Communication Resiliency

The BreakingPoint Storm CTM Used to Re-Create Internet-Scale Network Conditions Including Application Communication and Security Attacks During Interoperability Exercise "Combined Endeavor" and Training Exercise "Cyber Endeavor"

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - December 6, 2010) -  Since 1995, the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) has annually conducted the multination military communication interoperability exercise "Combined Endeavor." The Combined Endeavor helps measure and harden the resiliency of network communications and ensures seamless communication between NATO and partner nations at all times. Additionally, EUCOM now performs "Cyber Endeavor," a military training session that re-creates defense in cyber warfare conditions to train personnel and harden defenses across NATO and partner countries. The BreakingPoint Storm CTM™, with its unique ability to re-create Internet-scale network conditions, including blended application traffic, millions of users, and cyber attacks, was selected by EUCOM and NATO as the exclusive technology for both Combined Endeavor and Cyber Endeavor.

BreakingPoint re-creates network communications for Combined Endeavor
The mission of Combined Endeavor is to build interoperability between North American and European nations to support command and control for military operations, and respond to crisis or disaster. The Cyber Endeavor component measures and hardens the resiliency -- performance, security and stability -- of the network communication infrastructure used by the 40 participating nations. This infrastructure is critical for military groups throughout the area to communicate with each other, particularly when sharing pieces of information important to the security of individuals and nations. Any degradation in network resiliency could mean a breach in defenses, putting individuals and nations at potential risk.

The BreakingPoint Storm CTM was used by the Network Assessment team for Combined Endeavor to conduct the actual validation of the core network, through the re-creation of application and threat traffic from regional entities back to the core network. In order to perform these measurements, the BreakingPoint Storm CTM re-created hundreds of real-world communication scenarios using dozens of blended applications and thousands of live security attacks. The resulting data provided a deterministic measurement of the resiliency of individual network devices as well as NATO's network infrastructure as a whole. This information was then used to harden and optimize the entire network communication infrastructure.

Lt. Col. Timothy Timmons, JITC DISA, comments on Combined Endeavor
"EUCOM and NATO are working, through exercises such as Combined Endeavor, to build a resilient network infrastructure and ensure that seamless communications remain available, especially during high-stress events. During Combined Endeavor, the BreakingPoint system was utilized to re-create Internet-scale network conditions so that EUCOM could evaluate our infrastructure, as well as provide in-depth reporting and analysis needed to mitigate performance bottlenecks and potential security vulnerabilities."

BreakingPoint re-creates cyber war conditions for Cyber Endeavor
Cyber Endeavor brings together network security experts from more than 40 nations in order to receive training on the very latest cyber warfare tactics used by criminal organizations and nation states. Using the BreakingPoint Storm CTM during Cyber Endeavor, EUCOM was able to re-create Internet-scale cyber war conditions in a controlled, compact and cost-effective environment. These exercises not only helped train participants in NATO countries on how to prevent cyber attacks, but also helped harden current cyber defenses across Europe.

Des Wilson, CEO, BreakingPoint Systems comments on recreating cyber war conditions
"The world's governments and military units have a daunting challenge. How do you harden cyber defenses and train cyber warriors in a time of economic uncertainty and dramatic spending reductions? We all understand the critical need for the next generation of warriors to hone their cyber security skills, but the antiquated strategy of building out a few colossal, costly and complex cyber ranges is neither feasible nor sustainable. At BreakingPoint we believe each and every military installation around the globe must have a cyber range, in order to protect our interests against cyber warfare brought on by rogue nation states and terrorists. A cost-efficient, compact and easy-to-use cyber range is an imperative. EUCOM, through Cyber Endeavor, understands the importance of re-creating these cyber warfare conditions during exercises, and that it can be done by harnessing the intelligent and cutting-edge technology provided by the BreakingPoint Storm CTM."

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