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August 12, 2009 08:00 ET

BreakingPoint Extends Market-Leading Vulnerability Testing Coverage With Ability to Write and Simulate Custom Security Strikes

BreakingPoint Elite Enables Users to Write and Simulate Any Security Vulnerability, Along With Stateful Application Traffic, for Comprehensive Network Resiliency Testing

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - August 12, 2009) - According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's National Vulnerability Database, there are currently more than 38,000 known security vulnerabilities. Not only is this number growing, but there are thousands of additional unknown vulnerabilities being discovered and written each day. In order to test with any and all security strikes, BreakingPoint today introduced a Custom Strike Toolkit, allowing users to write and simulate their own security strikes when testing network equipment and application servers.

News Overview

-- BreakingPoint provides network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), service
   providers and application server vendors with the most comprehensive
   vulnerability testing coverage including:

   -- BreakingPoint Custom Strike Toolkit provides the ability to write
      your own security strikes to run on BreakingPoint's hardware in a
      matter of hours.
   -- Custom strikes are included in network simulation tests and can be
      blended with BreakingPoint's 4,200+ critical security strikes and
      full Microsoft Tuesday coverage, along with 80+ application
      protocols and any protocols created with the BreakingPoint Custom
      Application Protocol Toolkit.
   -- BreakingPoint also provides Botnet Command & Control and Distributed
      Denial of Service (DDoS) simulation, more than 80 evasion techniques
      and advanced protocol fuzzing.

-- BreakingPoint's Custom Strike Toolkit is available to BreakingPoint
   users as an upgrade to existing maintenance agreements.

Industry Commentary

Dennis Cox, CTO & co-founder, BreakingPoint Systems

"Realism is key in resiliency testing, from the strikes and applications you are using, to the throughput you can generate. BreakingPoint has always provided the most security strikes and application protocols in simulating true network situations, but we also realize companies want the ability to write their own strikes and application protocols for testing. Our toolkits allow you to write custom strikes and application protocols, which, when combined with our already industry-leading coverage, provides you with the most realistic network traffic generation available for testing. The ability to generate truly realistic network traffic while testing means you quickly achieve validation of performance and reliability and ultimately the ability to deliver better equipment to market faster."

About BreakingPoint

BreakingPoint accelerates the development and testing of high-performance content-aware network equipment, ensures network resiliency and reduces time to test with fast, accurate, responsive, and easy-to-use application, performance and security testing tools. BreakingPoint is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices throughout the world. For more information visit and download the latest resources for cyber security testing, firewall testing, application protocol fuzzing and more.

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