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September 17, 2009 10:38 ET

BreakingPoint Is First to Simulate Major Database Protocols for Testing the Resiliency of Enterprise, e-Commerce and Social Networks

BreakingPoint Elite Realistically Simulates Business Traffic With Comprehensive Support of Database Protocols, Including MySQL®, Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - September 17, 2009) - The performance and security of the devices driving database applications has become central for business communications, fueling the world's largest enterprises, e-commerce sites, search portals and social networks. BreakingPoint today became the only testing tool to simulate all three major database protocols, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle, for realistic network resiliency testing. BreakingPoint Elite is the only testing tool that can simulate a true global network, including database protocols, to help eliminate performance and security problems, ensure data loss prevention (DLP) and help validate information assurance.

News Overview

-- BreakingPoint announced today simulation of the MySQL application protocol, a popular open-source database application.

-- BreakingPoint Elite now generates network traffic that replicates all major database transactions including Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle, the worlds three most used database applications.

-- MySQL has dramatically increased market penetration since its introduction in 1994, largely attributed to the adoption of the "LAMP" stack for web applications and eventual use in some of the world's largest and most popular web services including Yahoo!®, Google®, YouTube®, Flickr®, Facebook®, and Wikipedia.

-- BreakingPoint's MySQL simulation includes the ability to:

   -- Simulate the DNS resolution of the MySQL server combined with
      database queries, responses and HTTP requests to fully emulate an e-
      commerce application.
   -- Set pre-defined actions for database login, issuing queries and
      returning data from the actual database.
   -- Fully test the impact of MySQL traffic on your network devices under
      full load with a mix of other blending applications present on your
      production network.

Dennis Cox, CTO and co-founder, BreakingPoint Systems

"Database transactions are not only a large percentage of traffic over a network, they drive business. Placing a piece of network equipment or an application server into your network that has not been hit with realistic database traffic during testing is going to ultimately hurt your network and your business. Together, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle help drive business transactions for most of the Fortune 1000, not to mention the world's most popular social networks and blogging platforms. Only by using BreakingPoint can you be assured that your network will be able to handle this critical network traffic, plus the 80-plus other applications and 4,200 security strikes we simulate. And realistic network simulation is the only way to properly test."

About BreakingPoint

BreakingPoint accelerates the development and testing of high-performance content-aware network equipment, ensures network resiliency and reduces time to test with fast, accurate, responsive, and easy-to-use application, performance and security testing tools. BreakingPoint is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices throughout the world. For more information visit and download the latest resources for realistic firewall testing, IPS testing, server load testing and more.

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